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June 29, 1992 Table Of Contents

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XXV Olympic Games

Life in the Fast Lane

One-time hellion Nelson Diebel is now a contender for Olympic gold

By Kelli Anderson


Making Pay-Per-View Pay

By thinking of it as pay-per-share, the author cashed in on Holyfield-Holmes

By Norman Chad

U.S. Open

No Day at the Beach

Tom Kite survived fierce winds and sundry other natural hazards to win the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach

By John Garrity


Boring, Not Boxing

Evander Holyfield retained his title with a lackluster decision over Larry Holmes

By Pat Putnam

Herschel Walker

'Please, Let Me Run'

Shunned by most NFL teams, Herschel Walker is determined to prove his worth with the Philadelphia Eagles

By Jill Lieber

XXV Olympic Summer Games

No Pain, No Spain

In an Olympic trials opening filled with anguish and injury, world-record holder Carl Lewis failed to make the U.S. team in the 100

By Kenny Moore

Bang-Bang Play

The games were as close as this call as Atlanta won three of four from Cincy in a National League West battle

By Hank Hersch

Comandante García

Salvador García of Mexico has some grandiose ideas—one of which is that he'll win at the Olympics

By John Garrity


Despite some personal trials, road racer Inga Thompson made her third Olympic team

By Richard O'Brien



By Tim Kurkjian


The Elias Analyst

By Steve Hirdt


'I Feel a Whole Lot Better Now'

Dave Winfield's 20-year baseball career, often touched by trouble and trauma, has taken a happy turn in Toronto

By Rick Reilly


Big Backgammon Binge

The game's top names descended on Monte Carlo for the world championship

By Dan Cox

XXV Olympic Game

Going Nowhere Fast

At the Olympic Training Center, swimmers can hone their strokes in a state-of-the-art flume

By Beth Schmidt

For The Record

Wimbledon loses its queen...Palance pushes from the left this time...A quieter Mr. Peanut

Edited by Sally Guard

Faces in the Crowd

Point After

The Shape of Things to Come

When the NFL trial ends, you will see a league of much freer—and far wealthier—players

By Lester Munson




Edited by Richard Demak