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July 22, 1992 Table Of Contents

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The Host with the Most

Bob Costas, the anchorman for NBC's Olympic television coverage, is, as always, voluminously prepared

By Steve Wulf

The Games

Showing Their Stripes

Stars representing a constellation of new and old nations promise a banner Olympics

By Alexander Wolff


Air Jordan Meets Air Bubka

When Michael Jordan and Sergei Bubka, two Olympic biggies, got together, international goodwill reached new heights

By Jack McCallum


The Golden State

Unfurl the state flag, strike up the state hymn and join the author, an adopted son, in lauding California's Olympic deeds

By Richard Hoffer

Travel Alert

A Pain In Spain

Hey, Ugly American! Leave your tacky togs, instant coffee and type-A behavior at home, so you won't be. . .

By Gary Smith


Kim Zmeskal VS Svetlana Boginskaya

A 19-page portfolio highlights some of the Games' most stirring confrontations, starting with a showdown between a world-champion U.S. gymnast and her Belarussian rival

By E.M. Swift

Michael Smith VS Dave Johnson

By Merrell Noden

Kieren Perkins VS Jörg Hoffman

By Austin Murphy

Heike Drechsler VS Jackie Joyner-Kersee

By Kenny Moore

Cuba VS United States

By Steve Wulf

Craig Wilson VS Manuel Estiarte

By Steve Wulf

Liz McColgan VS Elana Meyer

By Merrell Noden

Arsen Fadzaev VS Chris Wilson

By William Oscar Johnson

Track And Field

Speed to Burn

When it comes to raw velocity—not to mention world records and gold medals—U.S. men have been tough as blazes for a decade

By Kenny Moore

Werner Günth‚Äö√†√∂‚Äö√†√ár

Neither of their countries has won Olympic gold in track and field, but world shot put champs Werner Günth‚Äö√†√∂‚Äö√†√ár of Switzerland and Huang Zhihong of China following story) could break the drought

By Kenny Moore

Huang Zhihong

By Franz Lidz

A Long Run Gets Longer

Francie Larrieu Smith, who burst onto the world track scene in 1969, is now 39 and has made her fifth U.S. Olympic team-this time as a marathon hopeful

By Kenny Moore


Silver Threads Among the Gold

Matt Biondi and Tom Jager lead a powerhouse U.S. men's team that is older than ever—and, not incidentally, richer too

By Leigh Montville

Different Strokes

The four women who figure to make up the U.S. 's medley relay team are dissimilar in many ways, but they form a potent unit

By Leigh Montville

Part Sunshine, Part Shadow

How does Hungary, so small and poor, produce such gifted swimmers? The closer one looks, the deeper the mystery

By Gary Smith


FAN-tastic Voyages

Can the U.S. possibly lose in Barcelona? Only by the wildest flights of the author's imagination

By Jack McCallum

USA Inc.

The high-flying Americans are also scoring big in the marketing game

By Jack McCallum

Going For Three

A gold medal winner on U.S. teams in '84 and '88, Teresa Edwards hopes to bring home yet another Olympic title

By Jill Lieber


The Weight Of the World

Having fled oppression in Bulgaria, Naim Suleymanoglu now strains under the adoration of the entire Turkish people

By Gary Smith


Out Front Again

Eric Griffin is intent on not having his gold medal dream shattered in '92, as it was in '88

By William Nack


A Last Hurrah

Ron Fraser's final coaching mission is to take Team USA to the gold medal

By Steve Wulf


Call of the Wild

Squirrels, bears and rival kayakers are all wary of Mike Herbert

By Alexander Wolff


Put-down Artist

Joel Despaigne's ferocious spikes have helped make Cuba a smashing success

By William Nack


Blades And Wheels

Olympians find that speed skating backgrounds often convert into pedal power

By Alexander Wolff


The Brothers Grim

For Italy's Abbagnale brothers, winning a third straight Olympic gold in pair with coxswain is a serious business

By Hank Hersch

Team Handball

Play It Again, Sam

Sam Jones will put her battered body on the line for a third—and final—Olympics

By Douglas S. Looney


The Home Team

Barcelona's talented Sànchez siblings, Arantxa and Emilio, will try to keep their sport's gold medals from leaving town

By Curry Kirkpatrick


Sense and Sensibility

A visit with five Barcelonans reveals a city at once pragmatic and poetic

By Gary Smith

XXV Olympic Summer Games


SI picks the medalists—809 of them—in all 257 events

By Anita Verschoth

Point After


Olympic purists should know by now there's no stopping the marketing bandwagon

By Jerry Kirshenbaum



By Mark Mulvoy