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Jordan Shots
I usually enjoy your concise and objective reporting, but I must object to your obvious infatuation with Michael Jordan. Even though he had been featured on the cover of your previous issue, I was only mildly surprised that His Airness also graced the cover of your June 22 issue. While the article (Reaching for Greatness) sought to examine whether the Chicago Bulls are an elite team, four of the seven photographs featured Jordon. Now that this NBA season is history, we may be in for a reprieve, unless the Olympics are turned into a Jordan-fest as well.
Oceanside, Calif.

Four Michael Jordan covers in seven weeks. Careful, you may wear him out.
Boise, Idaho

As if the humiliation of losing to the Bulls weren't enough for this Blazer fan, you added the major aggravation of showing Michael Jordan on your cover celebrating with a huge cigar. This is a man for whom kids shave their heads, wear baggy shorts and stick out their tongues in the act of shooting a basketball. Why in the name of heaven did you give them something deadly to imitate?
Sherwood, Ore.

I thoroughly enjoy your articles, but I am always amazed by your photography as well. Your NBA Finals story opened with a magnificent shot of Michael Jordan and Clyde Drexler by John W. McDonough. This picture shows the hunger, heart and intensity of these two great players. Congratulations to McDonough.
Hillsboro, Ore.

Herschel the Eagle
Jill Lieber's article about Herschel Walker ("Please, Let Me Run," June 29) left me with goose bumps. All this man has ever wanted to do since he started playing football is what he does best, run. Why was that too much to ask of the Minnesota Vikings? If they were so eager to dish out a $10,000-a-month furnished rental home and a leased Mercedes, how much more could it have cost them to let Herschel run?
Newport Beach, Calif.

Many people got involved in the honk- for-Herschel demonstration outside the Eagles' office at Veterans Stadium, and as you pointed out, it appears to have worked. Walker is now a Philadelphia Eagle, in large part because of the work of WIP Radio's Morning Guys, Angelo Cataldi, Tony Bruno and Al Morganti, who start the day for the station's all-sports format. They originated the idea and led the honkers.

Thanks, guys, for taking charge. And Herschel, welcome to Philly.
Glen Riddle, Pa.

In your article on Walker, one NFC personnel director was quoted as saying, "Nobody has made more money and done less." I have a question for that person: Does the name Brian Bosworth mean anything to you?
Moscow, Idaho

A Close Second
Tom Kite is an outstanding golf champion, but what about Jeff Sluman? He finished only two shots back and didn't even get pictured in your U.S. Open story (No Day at the Beach, June 29). Kite played superbly, but Sluman was a close runner-up.
Rochester, N. Y.

Foul Balls in Scottsdale
In regard to the item about players and fans being hit by foul balls at Scottsdale (Ariz.) Stadium (SCORECARD, July 6), I would like to clear up a couple of misconceptions. First and foremost, the Giants organization has great concern for Matt Keough, Chris Nichting and anyone else injured during a baseball game. Unfortunately, such injuries are a part of our sport and are not unique to Scottsdale.

Furthermore, Al Rosen, the Giants' G.M. discussed the possibility of changes at Scottsdale Stadium with the players and the fans this spring. Both groups expressed concern about the loss of their view of the field. During the spring the city of Scottsdale raised the screen behind home plate, and only a week before your item appeared, 4½-foot-high fences with padded railings were put in front of both dugouts. In addition, screens were installed on top of the dugouts to prevent low line drives from reaching the seats.
Director of Media Relations
San Francisco Giants

Americans Abroad
Your story on Croatian basketball star Toni Kukoc (The Toni Award, June 22) left no question that he is a brilliant ballplayer. The only question I have is, who are the two players Kukoc is playing against in the picture on page 57?
Erie, Pa.

•That photograph was taken two years ago during a game between Jugoplastika, Kukoc's local club team from Split, and Macabi Tel Aviv of Israel. The players shown with Kukoc are Ed Horton (8), who played for Iowa and for the Washington Bullets in 1989-90, and Donald Royal, formerly of Notre Dame, who played for the San Antonio Spurs during part of last season.—ED.



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