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August 3, 1992 Table Of Contents

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A Star-Studded Lineup

George Plimpton has assembled a dazzling array of talent for a sports anthology

By Ron Fimrite

XXV Olympic Summer Games

Let the Games Begin

By Gary Smith

Barcelona Dreamin'

By Jack McCallum

Welcome Back

The presence of Nelson Mandela marked the momentous return of a former pariah

By William Oscar Johnson

Bravo, Pablo

Pablo Morales finally struck gold in the 100 fly as U.S. swimmers won eight medals at the outset of the Games

By Leigh Montville


For Team USA, pre-Olympic training camp in Monte Carlo was a chance to kick back and play with the kiddies

By Jack McCallum

A Scream And A Prayer

Politics and religion are inseparable from sport in the lives of Algeria's world-champion runners, Noureddine Morceli and Hassiba Boulmerka

By Kenny Moore


Living On Easy Streak

Having won 13 games in a row, the Atlanta Braves are sitting atop the NL West

By Tim Kurkjian


Basking in Glory

Miguel Induràin of Spain won his second straight Tour de France and added further splendor to his Basque homeland

By Alexander Wolff


Shoot-out at Soakmont

Patty Sheehan beat Juli Inkster in a playoff to win the U.S. Women's Open at rainy Oakmont

By John Garrity

Tom Kelly

Stress Management

Once manic Tom Kelly has managed the Minnesota Twins to two world titles—and says it's nothing to get excited about

By Steve Rushin



By Tim Kurkjian

For The Record

No. 1 young gun...He's baaaaaack!...The long walk home: a florid tale

Edited by Sally Guard

Faces in the Crowd

XXV Olympic Summer Games/Point After

A Presidential Pardon

IOC headman Juan Antonio Samaranch finds his committee blameless




Edited by Richard Demak