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August 10, 1992 Table Of Contents

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Charlie Finley

The former owner of the Oakland A's knows what's wrong with baseball—and he's more than happy to tell you about it

By Franz Lidz

XXV Olympic Summer Games

Dash to Glory

Gail Devers's victory in the 100 highlighted a heavenly week of Olympic competition

By Kenny Moore

World Beaters

Despite surprising performances by China and the Unified Team, the U.S. ruled the pool

By Leigh Montville

Twenty Seconds Of Fury

U.S. stars Tom Jager and Matt Biondi (top right) and Russia's Aleksandr Popov were studies in intensity as they prepared to make the water boil in the 50-meter freestyle

By Leigh Montville

Swimmers for Sale

Aleksandr Popov and Yevgeny Sadovyi hope to turn the medals they won in Barcelona into capitalist gold

By William Oscar Johnson

Hot Shots

An evocative portfolio of images from the first week of competition in Barcelona

No Day At the Beach

Superstar Jim Courier tried the life of the average Olympian and found it difficult and delightful

By Gary Smith

America's Deliverance

Scott Strausbaugh and Joe Jacobi gave U.S. paddlers their first Whitewater gold in history

By Alexander Wolff

Wrong Count

Eric Griffin, the U.S.'s best hope, fell victim to a new, but flawed, scoring system

By William Nack

Amity Beats Enmity

The Unified Team women showed the Americans that friendship can be golden

By E.M. Swift

Smooth Sailing in Troubled Waters

U.S. sailors hauled in a bounty of gold and silver from the polluted seas off the coast of Spain

By E.M. Swift

Long Ball

That phrase took on new meaning when the U.S. and Cuba played...and played...and played

By Steve Wulf


The Olympic experience has many different meanings, as this gallery demonstrates

Triple Jeopardy

NBC has brought us the Olympics SingleCast and the Olympics TripleCast. One is three times worse than the other

By Norman Chad

Dream Team

Wild Bull of Las Ramblas

Charles Barkley, always outrageous, has been the talk of the Olympic Games, on the basketball court as well as off it

By Jack McCallum


The Little Red-Hot Book

At the age of 87, legendary golf teacher Harvey Penick has become a best-selling author

By John Garrity


Wanna Fish Smart? Look for Dumb Fish

Fisheries researchers in Texas are breeding a more catchable, "naive" bass

By Greg Breining



By Tim Kurkjian

XXV Olympic Summer Games/Point After

Mascot Machismo

Take note Atlanta: This Cobi-phobic writer has had it with cuddly Olympic symbols

By Rick Reilly



By Mark Mulvoy



Edited By Steve Wulf