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August 17, 1992 Table Of Contents

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The Marathon Man

A former marathoner sings the praises of a book on distance runner Buddy Edelen

By Kenny Moore

XXV Olympic Summer Games


The U.S. men's basketball team was as good as promised. But will such talent ever come together again? Dream on

By Jack McCallum

Ode to Joy

Carl Lewis exulted along with all of Barcelona's gold medalist, many of whom vanquished giants to win their events

By Kenny Moore

'The Best Ever'

Carl Lewis has performed so brilliantly for so long that he has given new definition to excellence

By Gary Smith

Proving Their Mettle

For two dazzling weeks in Barcelona, the Spanish showed the world that their country has come of age, both on and off the playing field

By Gary Smith

Dream Teen

Jennifer Capriati put aside adolescent angst to win the gold medal in the women's singles

By Alexander Wolff

My Olympic Feats

I set out to see every sport at these Games, and I've got the blisters to prove it

By Rick Reilly

'I'm Still Strong'

After a thrilling comeback in Barcelona, Magic Johnson talked hearteningly of his future with SI's Jack McCallum

Barcelona Was Pure Gold

What a relief to be able to enjoy an Olympics without international tension

By William Oscar Johnson


Of Major Interest

Domination of the diamond by the Cubans led to speculation: How would their stars fare in the big leagues?

By Steve Wulf

Synchronized Swimming

Out of Sync

Buoyed by a judge's scoring blunder, Kristen Babb-Sprague of the U.S. floated to gold in the solo competition

By William Oscar Johnson


Slight Heavies

The famed Fèlix Savón of Cuba was just good enough to win the gold in a ho-hum division

By William Nack

Mom, the Mettlesome Manager

Jackie Kallen, parent of two, is den mother to half a dozen fighters. She wanted a champ—and got one

By Tim Crothers


Golden Oldies

Super-heavyweight Bruce Baumgartner led a six-medal onslaught by a veteran U.S. team

By Richard O'Brien


Forty Minutes Of 'ell

The U.S. women, who looked as invincible as the U.S. men, were upset by the Unified Team

By Alexander Wolff


Down and Out

A spate of injuries—not to mention inertia—has doomed the season of the moneyed Mets

By Hank Hersch

NFL Questions

Can Dennis Green Rescue The Vikings?

That's No. 1 on this summer's list of questions to be answered in NFL training camps

By Peter King



By Tim Kurkjian

For The Record

A big deal for Shaquille...Cauthen comes a cropper...News flash: Boz says he's human

Edited by Jon Scher

Faces in the Crowd




Edited by Steve Wulf