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A very hairy celebration...Tomba tangles with the law...Olympians at the White House


Nostalgic for the glory days of facial hair, the Oakland A's, who celebrated Mustache Night at the Oakland Coliseum last week. Designed to commemorate the famed Mustache Gang—the Oakland team that won three straight World Series in the '70s—the night was highlighted by a mustache contest. Acting as judges were Hall of Famers Rollie Fingers and Catfish Hunter, current A's Goose Gossage and Dennis Eckersley, former manager Dick Williams and radio announcer Bill King. The winner was Thomas Lynch. 58, a flight instructor and bus driver from San Jose, who beat out 300 entrants with his Fingers-like waxed handlebar.

Rained In
The President's picnic for the U.S. Olympic team, which had been scheduled for the South Lawn; a rainstorm forced the 450 athletes to take shelter inside the White House. George Bush praised the Olympians for their inspiring performances: "Shannon Miller overcoming a chip in her elbow, Gail Devers overcoming Graves' disease, Charles Barkley overcoming his shyness." The athletes spent the day wandering through the formal staterooms of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. while munching on hot dogs and ice-cream bars. "Chocolate on the rugs," said judoist Leo White. "Wow, it was great to trash the White House."

The hand of former Alabama basketball coach Wimp Sanderson and the eye of his longtime secretary, Nancy Watts. At least that's what Sanderson claims in court papers filed last week in which he gives his version of how Watts sustained a black eye during a confrontation with him in his office in March. Last month Watts filed a sexual harassment suit in which she maintains that Sanderson punched her. Sanderson claims that Watts had been trying to "grab and scratch [him] in a hysterical manner" when he stuck his arm out in self-defense and she collided with his hand.

Through traffic in the Florida Keys, Italian skiing star Alberto Tomba. Tomba, a three-time Olympic gold medalist, was ticketed for reckless driving after he was caught weaving past cars on U.S. 1 near Plantation Key. According to Florida police, La Bomba initially tried to pass himself off as a policeman by showing them a picture of himself in an Italian police uniform. Tomba later admitted that he's only an honorary member of the force. He was released after posting a $300 bond.

Stock car driver Clifford Allison, 27, from severe trauma, after crashing into a wall at Michigan International Speedway, in Brooklyn, Mich. The son of former Winston Cup champion Bobby Allison and the younger brother of current NASCAR star Davey Allison, Clifford was running practice laps when he lost control of his car. Clifford's death marks the latest tragedy to befall one of racing's preeminent families. Bobby's driving career ended in 1988 after he was critically injured in a wreck in Long Pond, Pa. At that same track last month, Davey was seriously hurt when his car flipped 11 times.



Takes one to know one: (clockwise from rear left) Eckersley, Fingers, Gossage, Hunter. King, Williams.