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September 7, 1992 Table Of Contents

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Brave New Sports World

Computers are wising up and preparing to take a byte out of today's coaches and managers

By Steve Hymon


The Incompleat Angler

At the One-Fly tournament in Jackson Hole, contestants were allowed to use just a single fly a day

By Judy Muller

Blue Jays

Reeling And Dealing

And lots of stealing. It all added up to another precarious pennant race for the Toronto Blue Jays, who landed David Cone but failed to slow their rivals

By Hank Hersch

Child's Play

A team from the Philippines manhandled Long Beach to win the Little League World Series

By Merrell Noden

'92 NFL Preview

Catch the Rising Stars

Bursting onto the NFL stage in unprecedented numbers, talent-rich wide receivers are stealing the show

By Peter King

White Guys Can't Run

By Peter King

Tight Ends on the Line

By Peter King

A Monk's Existence

Even as he closes in on the alltime reception record, the Redskins' Art Monk remains a distant, mysterious figure

By William Nack

War Stories

Lance Alworth and Willie Brown, rivals from the bump-and-run era, recall their classic battles and reflect on today's less-physical game

By Paul Zimmerman

Sunday Best

For all the talent at wide receiver, there's no doubt that Jerry Rice of the San Francisco 49ers stands above everyone else. In fact, no other player so dominates his position

'Never Back Down'

Steeler cornerback Rod Woodson learned that lesson early in life, and it pays off when he faces the top receivers

By Jill Lieber

The Team of the '90s?

With every decade comes a new NFL powerhouse, and the youthful Dallas Cowboys are primed to put their brand on the last 10 years of the century

By Paul Zimmerman

NFC east

By Paul Zimmerman

NFC central

By Paul Zimmerman

NFC west

By Paul Zimmerman

The Riddle Of the Kicker

Finding a placekicker who won't choke in the clutch, and then keeping him healthy, are puzzling chores for most teams

By Peter King

AFC east

By Paul Zimmerman

AFC central

By Paul Zimmerman

AFC west

By Paul Zimmerman

Inside the nfl

By Peter King

In Defense of the Future

Deep Into His Job

Jimmy Johnson dived headfirst into coaching the Cowboys, and he won't come up for air until he wins a Super Bowl

By Ed Hinton


The Accidental Sailor

Julia Trotman is prone to mishaps on land, but she's a winner on the water

By Kelly Whiteside


A Sport on the Cutting Edge

For nearly 20 years, Brits have been taking to their lawn mowers—and racing them

By Franz Lidz

For The Record

Title fight leaves crowd groggy...Thirty-one and counting...Tie-dye makes a big comeback

Edited by Stefanie Scheer

Faces in the Crowd



By Tim Kurkjian

Point After

Pull the Plug on the Preseason

Does anybody besides insecure NFL coaches and greedy owners see value in this charade?

By Rick Telander




Edited by Richard Demak