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September 14, 1992 Table Of Contents

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Brown vs. Bored of Explanation

The author prefers the wit of Murphy Brown to the glitz of Monday Night Football

By Norman Chad

NFL '92

A Flying Start

With a healthy Randall Cunningham and a recharged Herschel Walker, the Philadelphia Eagles helped launch the season by beating the New Orleans Saints

By Rick Reilly

Drawing Away

An old-fashioned play helped new coach Dennis Green get his Vikings off on the right foot

By Paul Zimmerman

Open Season On Lions

Chicago clawed its way past Detroit to win its ninth straight opener

By Rick Telander

Rise and Shine

Decathlete Dan O'Brien atoned for recent failures by breaking Daley Thompson's eight-year-old world record

By Merrell Noden

Jose Canseco

Texas-sized Trade

The Oakland A's sent superstar Jose Canseco to the Rangers in a deal that was both bold and bewildering

By Leigh Montville

USC-San Diego State

Going Their Ways

A 31-31 tie reflected the divergent fortunes of San Diego State and USC

By Douglas S. Looney

Bobby Fischer

The Fischer King

In the surreal setting of war-torn Yugoslavia, reclusive chess grandmaster Bobby Fischer emerged to meet Boris Spassky

By William Nack


Can't Take Nothin' Off Nobody

Gary Sheffield fought his way to baseball stardom, and now he's battling for the elusive Triple Crown

By Rick Reilly


the NFL

By Peter King


By Tim Kurkjian

The Citadel

What Is The Citadel?

Sir, it is a fortress of duty, a sentinel of responsibility, a bastion of antiquity, a towering bulwark of rigid discipline, instilling within us high ideals, honor, uprightness, loyalty, patriotism, obedience, initiative, leadership, professional knowledge and pride in achievement—from the school handbook

By Rick Reilly

For The Record

Morceli rebounds from Barcelona...The politics of age...Crowe quits Arkansas

Edited by Stefanie Scheer

Faces in the Crowd

Point After

Clearing the Docket

After a week steeped in legalese, the sports world needed the iron hand of a hangin' judge

By Rick Reilly




Edited by Richard Demak