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September 28, 1992 Table Of Contents

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Out of The Rubble

In a belated—and victorious—home opener, the Dolphins gave Miami fans a welcome respite from the hardships caused by Hurricane Andrew

By Ed Hinton

'We're Living Again'

By Ed Hinton

Los Angeles Dodgers

Dodger Blues

There is no joy in Los Angeles as Tom Lasorda's cellar dwellers stagger to season's end

By Ron Fimrite


Flying High Again

With a 29-14 victory over Nebraska, defending national co-champion Washington proved it will be in the chase for another crown

By Sally Jenkins

Tony Mandarich

Tony the Terrible

Once hyped as an outrageously talented lineman, Tony Mandarich of the Packers is still outrageous, but he's not much of a talent

By Jill Lieber


We Are Family

Marquis Grissom, baseball's top base stealer, grew up with 14 siblings. Now he's a big part of another happy clan, the fast-improving Expos

By Leigh Montville


College Football

By William F. Reed


By Richard Hoffer


By Peter King


By Tim Kurkjian

Horse Racing

Hit Song

Four-year-old Sultry Song topped the charts at Belmont with an easy win in the Woodward Stakes

By William Nack

Title IX

The Slow Track

Two decades have elapsed since Title IX banned gender discrimination in federally funded schools, yet equity for women in high school and college sports remains elusive

By Alexander Wolff

A State of Enlightenment

More than any other state, Washington has made gratifying strides toward achieving gender equity

By Kelly Whiteside

The Unkindest Cut

Female athletes fared worse than males did when the University of Massachusetts trimmed expenses

By Kelli Anderson

A Team of Their Own

At Talladega County High in Alabama, the girls had to fund their basketball team and then fight for its survival

By Kelly Anderson

No Room at The Top

The prospects for women in college coaching and administrative jobs have become especially bleak

By Kelli Anderson

For The Record

A new Page in Minnesota history...Sampson gets work...Rocket reaches into his pocket

Edited by Sally Guard

Faces in the Crowd

Point After

Bring On the Dancing Bears

A woman goalie in the NHL? Martina vs. Jimbo? Let's stop the gender-bending sideshows

By E.M. Swift




Edited by Bruce Newman