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November 2, 1992 Table Of Contents

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The Play Stands

The NFL has corrected a terrible call, instant replay, and this fan is unflaggingly grateful

By Norman Chad


Every Day Is Ladies' Day

General manager Ellen Harrigan-Charles runs a farm team for the Blue Jays

By Kelly Whiteside


It's O.K. To Be O.J.

O.J. Simpson talks about Hollywood, being a celebrity and, of course, football

By Jill Lieber


A New Wave in Environmental Activism

Finding their oceanic haunts increasingly polluted, surfers are fighting back

By Cory Johnson

The World Series

Oh, Canada!

When Dave Winfield of the Blue Jays hit a World Series-winning double in Atlanta (left), he ignited a national celebration 700 miles away in Toronto's SkyDome and all across the True North

By Steve Rushin

This Old Man, He Plays Well

By Tim Kurkjian

The Blue Jay Way

Toronto's world title was a product of good ol' Canadian know-how

By Steve Wulf


The Patsies

Each week a new calamity befalls the winless New England Patriots, the most troubled franchise in the NFL

By Leigh Montville

Look, Toto!

After a win over Oklahoma, Jayhawk football fans must feel as if they're not in Kansas anymore

By Richard Hoffer

Bill Walsh

Back to School

Bill Walsh, a teacher at heart, is free to be himself at Stanford

By Kenny Moore

George Benton

The Master

George Benton has a lifetime's worth of boxing wisdom that he imparts to the world's best fighters

By Tom Junod


College Football

By William F. Reed


By Kelly Whiteside

the NFL

By Peter King


Snow Job In Tampa

Amid the ice shavings, the Tampa Bay Lightning is making Phil Esposito smile

By Jon Scher

Broadcast Families

Born to the Booth

Holy cow! The example set by the Carays and—yes!—the Alberts is being followed by other gabby clans as sports broadcasting becomes, more and more, a family business

By Steve Wulf


Fear Not, Paula Abdul

To learn more about the NBA's dance squads, a writer infiltrates their ranks

By Kelly Whiteside


Becoming One with a Five-Iron

Duffers get in touch with their swings—and one another—at a holistic golf clinic

By Steve Hymon

Harness Racing

View from the Rear

The author tells of the harrowing and malodorous moments she spent behind a standardbred horse

By Sonja Steptoe


Mountain Passage

A Nevada hunt for the elusive Himalayan snowcock had a shocking ending

By Samuel Western


Blessed Be the Tie That Binds

A Baptist minister has devised a way to keep a glove on a ballplayer's hand

By Jay Feldman

Point After

Grin and Bear It

That's the author's advice to Mike Ditka and other NFL coaches who are baited by the media

By Rick Telander



Faces in the Crowd


Edited by Bruce Newman