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November 9, 1992 Table Of Contents

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Hard Hats Again

A new coach and a new look have Pittsburgh in an old spot-atop the AFC Central

By Paul Zimmerman

Best of the Breed

A.P. Indy won the $3 million Breeders' Cup Classic and put himself in the running for Horse of the Year honors

By William Nack

Good Show!

British heavyweight Lennox Lewis won his countrymen's hearts, and a title shot, with a KO of Razor Ruddock

By Pat Putnam

Swing Vote

A poll of golf's top money winners says that Fred Couples should win Player of the Year honors

By Tim Crothers

NBA Preview 1992-93

Trading Places

Want to trade a Person for a Pooh? Too late. That deal-along with many others-was consummated during one of the NBA's busiest off-seasons ever

By Jack McCallum

Hot Head

After eight fiery years with the Sixers, Charles Barkley is raging in Phoenix and trying to toughen the talented Suns

By Rick Reilly

Master Blasters

The NBA's leather-lunged coaches bellow in a language all their own, full of terms you won't find in Webster's

By Jack McCallum

Twin Peaks

Horace Grant (left) has two championship rings. Brother Harvey has a $17 million contract. No wonder their mom is smiling

By Leigh Montville

The Power and the Glory

In representing Michael Jordan and other deities, David Falk has become the scourge of the NBA

By Jack McCallum

'I Have To Open People's Eyes'

Sarunas Marciulionis of Lithuania brings the same fire to striving for prosperity for his homeland as he does to playing for the Warriors

By Alexander Wolff

NBA Scouting Reports '92-93

Let's Play :24 Questions

As the clock ticks down to an NBA season that opens with more questions than answers, here are enough of both to satisfy inquiring minds

By Jack McCallum



By Jack McCallum


By Peter King

College Football

By William F. Reed

Point After

How Much Is an Arm and a Leg?

High-profile athletes now license their faces, so why don't they rent out other body parts?

By Rick Reilly



By Mark Mulvoy


Faces in the Crowd


Edited by Bruce Newman