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November 16, 1992 Table Of Contents

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The Typing Heads

Children are meant to be seen and not heard. Sportswriters are meant to be neither

By Norman Chad


Battle over Belugas

The death of two beluga whales in Chicago has intensified the debate about their captivity

By Lisa Twyman Bessone

Motor Sports

If You're Buggy about Bugattis...

...why not kick a few elegant pneus at the National Automobile Museum in Mulhouse, France?

By Fred R. Smith

Table Tennis

The R2-D2 of Ping-Pong

A robot has been enlisted to better prepare U.S. stars for victories in global table tennis wars

By Beth Schmidt

Faces in the Crowd

Special Report: Blood Money

Blood Money

In the rich, clubby world of horsemen, some greedy owners have hired killers to murder their animals for the insurance payoffs

By William Nack

Questions about Alydar

By William Nack


Double Whammy

In the span of three days, Washington lost both a quarterback and, by falling to Arizona, its No. 1 ranking

By Richard Hoffer

Down Day for Upstarts

BC and Kansas, hungry for big-time victories, ate humble pie

By Douglas S. Looney

A Polite Bashing

Following Cecil Fielder's example, a major league all-star team graciously routed its Japanese hosts

By Sean Horgan


No Names for Now

The Dallas defense is young, fast, hard-hitting and on the verge of dominating offenses

By Paul Zimmerman


Randall Cunningham sat, Jim McMahon (above) subbed, and the Eagles soared once again

By Peter King

A Giant Leap of Faith

Buoyed by sobriety, Lloyd Daniels is reborn as a player—in the NBA

By Hank Hersch

Mario Lemieux

Netminder's Nightmare

To NHL goalies, facing Pittsburgh Penguin superscorer Mario Lemieux is like a bad dream

By Jon Scher

Red Auerbach

Blowin' Smoke

At 75, Red Auerbach muses on the state of pro basketball, the Celtic mystique and why the Dream Team isn't his dream team

By Leigh Montville


the NFL

By Peter King

College Football

By William F. Reed


Split Personality

Croatia's Goran Ivanisevic is a loose cannon on and off the court, but right now his game is booming

By Franz Lidz

Texas Football

Sorry State

Football in the Southwest Conference isn't what it used to be, and Texas and Texas A&M are looking to bail out

By Sally Jenkins


A Football Factory Town

In Berwick, Pa., industry has dwindled, but the high school football team remains a mighty machine

By John Walters


The Best Pinball Player in the World

Rick Stetta's tilts with the manic machines are studies in acrobatic assault

By Michael Finkel


A Vote Against Tournament Fishing

A veteran angler explains why he stopped participating in tournaments

By Roy Terrell


Just for the Fin of It

Swimmers in the U.S. are discovering a new sport: racing while wearing fins

By Richard O'Brien

Point After

Get a New Game, Bubba

Bill Clinton has a presidential sporting image to uphold—and jogging just won't do it

By Rick Reilly




Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum