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November 23, 1992 Table Of Contents

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A Blow to the Senses

Last Friday's fight between TVKO's Al Bernstein and the viewers should have been stopped

By Norman Chad


Let's Get Ready To Rummmble

Even before he won the heavyweight title, Riddick Bowe was impressed with himself. With his thrilling decision over Evander Holyfield, the new champ at last has impressed the rest of the boxing world with his skill—and guts

By Pat Putnam

He Did It His Way

Steve Young cast his own shadow in leading the 49ers over the Saints

By Rick Reilly

College Basketball '92-93

Star Search

Join us on our quest to chart the luminous bodies and fading stars in the ever-changing universe of the college game

By Alexander Wolff

Bluegrass Revival

A pair of New Yorkers, coach Rick Pitino and forward Jamal Mashburn, have raised Kentucky up from the depths of scandal

By Alexander Wolff

Jam Session

Three teams emerging from the Final Four in New Orleans will be singing the blues, leaving one atop the charts. Who? The cool Cats of Kentucky

By Phil Taylor

New Kids on the Block

Freshmen Jason Kidd at Cal and Othella Harrington at Georgetown are about to assume the burden of being franchise players

By Richard Hoffer

Filling Out the Field

Forty-four other teams will join our Top 20 in the NCAA tournament. Recent history says one of these will reach the Final Four

By Hank Hersch

America's Best-Kept Secret

Haven't heard of Vin Baker? You're not alone, although scouts will tell you that the University of Hartford center is a potential NBA lottery pick

By Leigh Montville

Crackin', Jackin', Woofin' and Smackin'

Whatever you want to call it, trash talkin' is a bigger part of the game than ever—and not everybody is happy about it

By Phil Taylor

RX For Success

Premed student Val Whiting is Stanford's prescription for another winning season

By Phil Taylor

Women's Top 10

By Kelli Anderson

Men of Troy

By Michael Jaffe

The Big Cheese

By Michael Jaffe

Greetings From Jersey City

Like the place where he grew up, Duke's Bobby Hurley doesn't look glamorous. But that city helped make him what he is: a winner

By Rick Telander

Inside the

the NFL

By Peter King


College Football

By William F. Reed

Point After

Players Have Rights, Too

In a fanciful locker room showdown, college athletes go to extremes to get their due from the NCAA

By Phil Taylor



Faces in the Crowd


Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum