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December 7, 1992 Table Of Contents

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Whack! Boom! Doink!

Those noises you hear are by John Madden, still the bubbliest—and best—NFL analyst

By Norman Chad


The Unfortunate 500

This season's Did Not Play list has comprised a staggering—but typical—number of NFL players who have missed at least one game because of injury

By Peter King

Toon Out

By Albert Kim

Helmets Are Not Weapons

By Warren Moon

Preseason NIT

Garden Party

Indiana defeated Seton Hall to win the Preseason NIT at Bob Knight's old stamping grounds

By William F. Reed


Red Storm Rising

Alabama's impenetrable defense has the Crimson Tide on the brink of a title

By Sally Jenkins

A Vote for Defense

By Austin Murphy

Grey Cup

Magic Flutie

Doug Flutie was up to his old tricks in Canada's Grey Cup

By Paul Zimmerman

Dominique Wilkins

The Newlywed Game

Dominique Wilkins, buoyed and prodded by his bride, overcame a torn Achilles tendon and is soaring again for the Hawks

By Jack McCallum

Pavel Bure

The Russian Rocket

Moscow-born right wing Pavel Bure is having a blast in Vancouver

By Austin Murphy

A Wild and Crazy Guy

By Austin Murphy

Ricky Watters

Barking Back

This season 49er Ricky Watters plays as good a game as he talks

By Jill Lieber


the NFL

By Peter King


La Belle Parisien

Julie Parisien of the U.S. kicked off the World Cup season with a dramatic win

By William Oscar Johnson


Arriving With a Bang

Olympic gold medalist Oscar De La Hoya began his pro career with a quick KO

By Richard O'Brien

Henry Aaron

A Prisoner of Memory

Eighteen years after he broke Babe Ruth's home run record, Henry Aaron can't forget the racist threats that haunted his quest

By Mike Capuzzo

Point After

Something for Nothing

The landscape is littered with fired coaches who are living off the fat of their contracts

By Alexander Wolff





Edited by Richard O'Brien