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December 14, 1992 Table Of Contents

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On The Scene

A Sport That a Bull Could Get Stuck On

At fights in California, Velcro pads and Velcro-tipped banderillas ensure that no bull's blood is spilled

By Kelli Anderson


Season's Readings

In the holiday spirit, the author offers a few gift suggestions for some of the sports fans on your list

By Ron Fimrite


How to Hammstring the Opposition

Just deploy Mia Hamm, who has led Carolina to three NCAA titles and helped the U. S. to a world championship

By Sally Guard

Blue Devils

Duke Makes a Statement

The Blue Devils silenced the fast-talking Fab Five of Michigan once again

By Alexander Wolff

Dennis Byrd

'He Has the Strength'

Dennis Byrd of the Jets lies partially paralyzed in a New York hospital, fighting the odds—as he has so often helped others to do

By Peter King

Johnny on The Spot

Besieged by marital woes and paparazzi, John McEnroe rescued the U.S. in the Davis Cup final

By Sally Jenkins

A Tidy Finish

Saved at the end by its defense, Alabama won the SEC's first title game to set up a Sugar Bowl showdown with No. 1 Miami

By Austin Murphy

Dennis Green

The Color Purple

It's the only one that counts with Dennis Green, who has sold the Vikings on his belief that hard work wins football games

By Rick Telander

Bird & Magic

The Two and Only

During their glorious 13-year rivalry, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson measured themselves by one standard: each other

By Bob Ryan

Every Time They Met

Here, for posterity, are the box scores of each of the 38 games in which Bird and Magic took the floor against each other


the NFL

By Peter King

College Basketball

By Phil Taylor


Yah-hoo for the Wahoos

Virginia easily won its second consecutive NCAA title

By Hank Hersch

All That Glitters

All That Glitters

Two winners and two losers from the '92 Olympic Games reflect on the important lesson that they all learned: To compete is the greatest prize

By E.M. Swift


Fighting on Two Fronts

Goalie Mark Fitzpatrick hopes to conquer a rare blood disorder as well as the Islanders' foes

By Jon Scher


A Jim McKay for the Pearl Jam Set

As host of 'MTV Sports,' Dan Cortese lets viewers tune in to the latest in offbeat athletic events

By Michael Jaffe

Point After

May the Best Team Win—Big

Those who can't stomach one-sided football games should take up another sport

By Rick Telander