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Wide Receiver: Jerry Rice, 49ers
Tight End: Adrian Cooper, Steelers
Tackle: Harris Barton, 49ers
Guard: Randall McDaniel, Vikings
Center: Kent Hull, Bills
Guard: Jim Ritcher, Bills
Tackle: Erik Williams, Cowboys
Wide Receiver: Sterling Sharpe, Packers
Quarterback: Steve Young, 49ers
Running Back: Thurman Thomas, Bills
Running Back: Emmitt Smith, Cowboys
Receiver-Back: Ronnie Harmon, Chargers
Kicker: Nick Lowery, Chiefs


End: Bruce Smith, Bills
Tackle: Cortez Kennedy, Seahawks
Tackle: Ray Childress, Oilers
End: Reggie White, Eagles
Outside Linebacker: Kevin Greene, Rams
Middle Linebacker: Michael Brooks, Broncos
Outside Linebacker: Bryan Cox, Dolphins
Pass-Rush Specialist: Rickey Jackson, Saints
Cornerback: Terry McDaniel, Raiders
Cornerback: Rod Woodson, Steelers
Strong Safety: Brian Washington, Jets
Free Safety: Gene Atkins, Saints
Punter: Rich Camarillo, Cardinals

Special Awards

Player of the Year: Steve Young, 49ers
Coach of the Year: Tom Catlin, defensive coordinator, Seahawks
Rookie of the Year: Marco Coleman, defensive end-linebacker, Dolphins