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Duke-Kentucky Redux


A thousand thanks to Alexander Wolff for his brilliant and
evocative article on the gut-wrenching game between Duke and Kentucky
in the East Regional final of last year's NCAA basketball tournament
(The Shot Heard Round the World, Dec. 28-Jan. 4). Although I vividly
remember each play of the final minutes, Wolff made me feel as if I
were at the Spectrum again. My palms were sweating and my heart was
beating faster and faster until Wolff reminded me that ''the shot''
did indeed go in. I found Wolff's word-painting almost as good as the
Kentwood, Mich.

Wolff's story was the finest piece of sportswriting I have ever
read. Like the game itself, it made me wish it would never end.
Arlington Heights, Ill.

Wolff failed to mention the most significant thing Duke coach Mike
Krzyzewski did after the game. As a Kentucky fan, I was devastated by
the loss, but when Krzyzewski went up to broadcaster Cawood Ledford
after the game and asked to speak to the Kentucky fans to try and
console them, he earned my enduring respect. He showed me that he has
something not all coaches have. It is impossible to imagine Bobby
Knight or Dean Smith or Dale Brown going up to Ledford like that.
Although the defeat still bothers me nearly a year later,
Krzyzewski's act remains one of the classiest I have ever seen in
Arlington, Va.