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April 23, 1993 Table Of Contents

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The Tar Heel Tradition How It All Began The glory days of North Carolina basketball go back way beyond Montross, Michael and McGuire

By Larry Keith

The Coach ^ They Even Named the Building After Him In all his 32 years at North Carolina, Dean Smith has never had a team that embodied his philosophy better than the '92-93 Heels

By Alexander Wolff

The Dean Tree Dean Smith, whose roots go back to basketball's birth, has spawned a generation of coaches

Carolina's Finest The Star Heels

By Tim Crothers

The 1957 Champions Noo Yawk Ball Five players and a coach from the Big Apple brought give-and-go -- and an NCAA title -- to Carolina

By Frank Deford

The 1982 Champions End of Monkey Business The star-studded 1982 Tar Heels proved at last that coach Dean Smith could win the Big One

By William F. Reed

The Regular Season The Whole Story With resilience and maturity, the Tar Heels showed there was more to them than flashy stats

By Hank Hersch

ACC Tournament A Sudden Scare North Carolina fell in the final, but Derrick Phelps's fall in the semis was the one that really hurt

By Hank Hersch

The Tar Heels '92-93

By Phil Taylor, Hank Hersch, Michael Jaffe

NCAA East Subregional Clean Sweep Although its foes went to unusual lengths, Carolina cruised into the Sweet 16

By Michael Jaffe

NCAA East Regional Off To the Races North Carolina knocked off a pair of thoroughbreds, Arkansas and Cincinnati, to make the Final Four

By Michael Jaffe

Final Four: Kansas Bright Lights, Big Easy In the NCAA semifinal in New Orleans the Tar Heels defeated their mirror images from Kansas

By Alexander Wolff

The Championship Game The Battle of New Orleans North Carolina won the NCAA title by beating Michigan in a classic final ultimately decided by a technicality

By Alexander Wolff

Play-by-Play How the Tar Heels Did It In the championship game in New Orleans, North Carolina took it to Michigan inside and out, from opening tip to final buzzer

The Last Shot