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May 17, 1993 Table Of Contents

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Where Ducks Go Deluxe

California vintner Sam Sebastiani has built a lush preserve for migratory birds

By James Buckley Jr.


Around the Horn in 70 Days

A high-tech trimaran broke the 140-year-old San Francisco-to-Boston speed record

By Amy Nutt

NBA Playoffs

Middle Men

For winners as well as losers, center proved to be a pivotal position

By Jack McCallum

Hot Hand, Hot Head

New York Knick guard John Starks is explosive, at times too explosive

By Jack McCallum

Stanley Cup Playoffs

A Star Is Reborn

A waning Wayne Gretzky has found new life in the postseason

By E.M. Swift

Baseball And TV

For Sale: The National Pastime

Baseball worked out a risky new TV deal with ABC and NBC that puts the game in the business of selling advertising

By William Oscar Johnson

New York Mets


The troubled Mets took their licks from the Marlins and the media

By Tom Verducci

Baseball And The Media

Bad News

A media invasion has heightened tensions in once congenial clubhouses

By Tom Verducci

Beebe And Lett

Together Again

When Don Beebe first met Leon Lett, the result was the most memorable moment of Super Bowl XXVII; three months later they meet anew—with mixed emotions

By Austin Murphy

Sports People

Lennox Lewis

By Pat Putnam

Dan Landry

By Austin Murphy

Jamie Irving

By Leigh Montville



By Tim Kurkjian

Buster Douglas

Get a LOAD of Me!

Former heavyweight champion Buster Douglas, the man who smoked Tyson, is tasting the good life—in a very big way

By John Ed Bradley


Miniature Golf's Mr. Big

Jim Bryan is the game's preeminent course designer—and that's no small accomplishment

By Preston Williams


Long Ears in High Society

The shameless mule is making inroads among the equine upper crust in dressage and (sob) jumping

By Susan Davis

Point After

Baseball's Feet of Clay

Today's ballplayers strike out sartorially when they hide their socks under long pants

By Ron Fimrite



By Mark Mulvoy


Faces in the Crowd


Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum