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May 24, 1993 Table Of Contents

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Barry Bonds

The Importance of being Barry

The Giants' Barry Bonds is the best player in the game today—just ask him

By Richard Hoffer

Stanley Cup Playoffs

No Time Like Overtime

In a postseason rife with OT, the Islanders added to their lore by shocking the Penguins

By E.M. Swift

NBA Playoffs

Sonic Soother Sam

Sam Perkins's quiet ways are helping settle Seattle in its showdown with Houston

By Phil Taylor

Blew By You

Despite a near calamity, Prairie Bayou swept to victory at the Preakness

By William F. Reed

Reggie Lewis

Heart of the Matter

The on-court collapse of Boston's Reggie Lewis left his future in doubt, sparked a bitter battle among medical experts and raised questions about the role of team doctors

By William Oscar Johnson

Nigel Mansell


Two weeks after he underwent back surgery England's Nigel Mansell qualified for the Indy 500

By Bruce Newman

Sports People

Lance Armstrong

By Alexander Wolff

Lisa Fernandez

By Shelley Smith

Scott Bacigalupo

By Franz Lidz

Roy Jones Jr.

By Franz Lidz



By Tim Kurkjian



By Steve Hirdt

Sam Malone

Everybody Knows His Name

Cheers for Sam Malone, the ex-Bosox reliever who served 'em up both on and off the field

By Steve Rushin

Point After

It's the Rules, Stupid!

If the NCAA doesn't get the message after the downfall of Dick Schultz, when will it?

By William F. Reed



Faces in the Crowd


Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum