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June 14, 1993 Table Of Contents

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Wimbledon's First Wunderkind

In 1887, Lottie Dod, 15, became the youngest player to win the women's title at Wimbledon. She still is

By Amy Nutt


The Day the Bambino Bombed

Shortly before Babe Ruth retired, Silas Johnson struck him out three times in one game

By Mark Mandernach

On The Scene

A Sport for the Disc-erning

While not yet popular with the luxury-car crowd, disc golf is gaining a following

By John Walters

Stanley Cup Playoffs


That's just what Montreal did to L.A. in what might have been the key moment of the finals

By E.M. Swift


A Zinger

French Open

Spanish-American War

In a surprise, Spain's Sergi Bruguera sank the U.S.'s main man in Paris, Jim Courier, to win a French Open notable for its no-shows

By Alexander Wolff

Belmont Stakes

Bittersweet Victory

Julie Krone rode Colonial Affair to a historic win in a Belmont Stakes marred by the death of Prairie Bayou

By William Nack

NBA Playoffs

Rolling Thunder

Phoenix's Thunder Dan Majerle has a passion for the game that's surpassed only by his city's passion for him

By Phil Taylor

Eye of the Storm

A versatile star led the Bulls to a 4-2 elimination of the Knicks, and he wasn't named Jordan

By Jack McCallum

Colorado Rockies

Rocky Mountain Fever

Bitten by the baseball bug, Coloradans turn out in enormous numbers to cheer their puny Rockies

By Rick Reilly

Sports People

Chip Hanauer

By Steve Hymon

Jim Law

By Hank Hersch

Nick Lowery

By Peter King

Baseball Agents

Big Deals

For agents Scott Boras and Dennis Gilbert, baseball is a bonanza

By Tom Verducci


the Baseball Draft

By Tim Kurkjian

Arm Wrestling

Arms and the Man

For the sport's he-men—and Everyman—arm wrestling is a universal test of strength and will

By Tom Junod


Gently down the Stream?

R. Scott Murray hopes his shorter, more flexible paddle will ease kayakers' oft-aching muscles

By Joseph Monninger


The High and the Mighty

David Levin doesn't have an inflated sense of himself; it's just that he's won ballooning's biggest events

By Michael Finkel

Point After

One Role Model to Another

Whether he likes it or not, Charles Barkley sets an example that many will follow

By Karl Malone



By Mark Mulvoy


Faces in the Crowd


Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum