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June 28, 1993 Table Of Contents

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Redoubtable Rafters

The U.S. women's Whitewater team is among the best—male or female—in the world

By Franz Lidz


At Long Last, Thank You!

Ex-major leaguer Bert Shepard finally met the enemy who saved his life in '44

By Michael Jaffe

Faces in the Crowd


They're History

In a truly memorable series the Bulls defeated the Suns for their third straight title and joined the NBA's elite

By Jack McCallum

Three for Three

By Phil Taylor

.400 Hitters

Strokes of Luck

Nobody expects Andres Galarraga or John Olerud to hit .400 for the season, but it says something that they have done it for this long

By Richard Hoffer

U.S. Open

Sweet Sixteen

Lee Janzen clinched the U.S. Open with a clutch chip at 16

By Rick Reilly

Sports People

John Daly

By John Garrity

Ted Oh

By Tim Crothers

Lil Drawdy

By Franz Lidz

Track And Field

Turning Away the Doubters

Michael Johnson won a race for respect in the 400 at the U.S. Track and field championships

By Kenny Moore

Cal Ripken Jr.

Solitary Man

It's a long, lonely haul to Lou Gehrig's record for besieged Oriole shortstop Cal Ripken Jr.

By Tom Verducci


Best Man?

Terry Norris continued to show he may be just that, with a TKO of Troy Waters

By Ron Fimrite



By Tim Kurkjian

Sparky Anderson

The New Perfesser

The spirit and syntax of Casey Stengel live on in Detroit Tiger manager Sparky Anderson

By Steve Rushin

Point After

And a Child Shall Lead Them

As the author turns 50, he is dismayed to find out that sports is being run by a bunch of kids

By Leigh Montville



By Mark Mulvoy



Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum