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August 9, 1993 Table Of Contents

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...But Is It Art?

One New York City gallery has found a market for old and unusual sports equipment

By Susan Brody


A Fight for the Right to Fight

Many were outraged when two women entered the ring in 1888; not much has changed

By Amy Nutt

A.L. East

The A.L. Feast

Given a delicious slate of games, our correspondent happily devoured the best race in baseball

By Steve Wulf

Reggie Lewis

A City in Mourning

Boston turned out en masse to say goodbye to Celtic captain Reggie Lewis, whose death at age 27 has raised troubling questions

By E.M. Swift

Jeff George

AWOL and Unlamented

By holding out, Indianapolis quarterback Jeff George is enhancing his reputation as a quitter

By Bruce Newman

Dash For Cash

In a lucrative showdown Linford Christie beat his 'old' rival, Carl Lewis

By Steve Rushin



Pernell Whitaker intends to deal with Julio Cèsar Chàvez the same way he has all his other victims: He will not allow himself to get hit

By Tom Junod


Does Speed Kill?

The Raiders have a team of track stars, but can they play football?

By Richard Hoffer


the NFL

By Peter King


By Tim Kurkjian

Sports People

At the U.S. Olympic Festival

By Austin Murphy


No Holding This Tiger

A dramatic comeback gave Tiger Woods his third straight U.S. Junior Amateur title

By Tim Crothers

Doubles And Triples


Without the pizzazz of doubles and triples, baseball would be nothing but plink-BOOM, and what fun would that be?

By Roy Blount Jr.


Anyone for Crazy Eights?

Long a rare and dying skill, figure-eight roping has become the big draw at one California rodeo

By Kelli Anderson


"It's Around Here Someplace"

In Petersburg, Va., even the locals aren't sure how to find the Slo-Pitch Hall of Fame

By Mike D'Orso

Point After

Radio Remembrances

After the death of Celtic star Reggie Lewis, a city grieved over the airwaves

By Leigh Montville



Faces in the Crowd


Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum