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The A.L. Feast

Given a delicious slate of games, our correspondent happily devoured the best race in baseball

On a midsummer evening that could make Milwaukee famous for midsummer evenings, the visiting Boston Red Sox are taking batting practice. Blaring from County Stadium's centerfield speakers on this July 26 is the voice of Mary-Chapin Carpenter, singing The Bug: "Sometimes you're the Louisville Slugger./Sometimes you're the ball./Sometimes it all comes together. Sometimes you're gonna lose it all."

The American League Eastern Division could make 1993 famous for its race the way other baseball seasons have come to be associated with multiteam scrambles: 1973 in the National League East or 1967 in the predivided American League. At the beginning of last week, five American League East teams were bunched at the top of the standings. Here is the way the five teams looked before the games of July 26:



Rickey on Sunday: now a Jay.