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September 13, 1993 Table Of Contents

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Joe Montana

Joe's A Go

While Joe Montana had a grand K.C. debut, the talk was of his eventual return to the 49ers

By Rick Reilly


Giant Step Forward

Two old-timers, Lawrence Taylor and Phil Simms, helped New York rally to beat the Chicago Bears 26-20 in a battle of teams under new coaches

By Rick Telander

Big Bang

The Big Bang

It seems as if every hitter is waving a big stick this season, and batting statistics are going through the roof

By Tim Kurkjian

Monster Year For Monster Statistics

By Tim Kurkjian

Frank Thomas

The Big Hurt

Nobody causes opposing pitchers more pain than Chicago's Frank Thomas

By Steve Wulf

Settling a Score

Hit by harsh sanctions, Washington took out its anger on Stanford

By Austin Murphy

Sports People

John McEnroe

By Alexander Wolff

Lindsay Davenport

By Alexander Wolff

Mats Wilander

By Alexander Wolff

Rohan Marley

Hurricane from the Caribbean

Miami linebacker Rohan Marley, son of the late reggae star Bob Marley, plays football to his own frenetic beat

By Bruce Newman


the NFL

By Peter King


A Special Delivery

That was no ordinary no-hitter Yankee Jim Abbott threw against the Indians

By Tom Verducci

The Owners

The Owners

A few of them are household names. Some of them you've never heard of. All of them are rich. How rich? In the following pages we rank 93 team owners by net worth, from the biggest billionaires to the merest of millionaires

By John Steinbreder

Point After

Looking Out for Number One

A trade to Toronto didn't break Rickey Henderson's bond with his biggest Oakland fan

By Steve Wulf



By Mark Mulvoy


Faces in the Crowd


Edited by Richard O'Brien