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September 27, 1993 Table Of Contents

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Florida ran through Tennessee at the Gators' scary and steamy home, a.k.a. the Swamp

By Sally Jenkins

Great Wall Of Doubt

The times seem impossible, the training unheard-of, but the Chinese records are real

By Kenny Moore


Don't Look Back...

...because, if you're the Phillies, the Expos have been gaining on you in the National League East—with some help from the ghosts of '64

By Steve Wulf

Mister Clutch

Last week, Atlanta Brave games weren't decided until Ron Gant got the last swing

By Tom Verducci

Back in the Saddle

By riding into town with a fat new contract, Emmitt Smith gave a lift to the faltering Cowboys

By Peter King


Unbeaten, Unbelievable

How can the Cleveland Browns be 3-0, and how about that Vinny Testaverde?

By Rick Telander

The Team of Brotherly Love

After a 3-0 start the once-fractious Philadelphia Eagles are sticking together and sticking it to their foes

By John Garrity

Weight Watcher

The skinny on 7'6" Shawn Bradley: feeding furiously in Philly to fatten up

By Rick Reilly

Sports People

Willie Mosconi

By Steve Rushin

Derrick Brooks

By Austin Murphy

Greg Louganis

By Steve Wulf


the NFL

By Peter King


By Tim Kurkjian

College Football

By William F. Reed


Mr. Longevity

Ageless Dave Winfield got his 3,000th hit, but he isn't about to stop there

By Tim Kurkjian



By Steve Hirdt, Elias Sports Bureau

Warren Moon

father moon

At every stage of his carefully plotted life, Oiler quarterback Warren Moon has shown wisdom beyond his years

By Leigh Montville

Point After

Picking Through the Trash

NBA refs will have to decide who's trashin' and who's tauntin', and then trash the taunter

By Rick Reilly



Faces in the Crowd


Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum