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October 11, 1993 Table Of Contents

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Atlanta Braves

From Everyone In Atlanta

In winning a breathlessly exciting race, the Braves owed a huge debt to the Giant-slaying Dodgers

By Tom Verducci

103, But It Wasn't To Be

By Tim Kurkjian

Ohio State

Piling It On Once Again

Undefeated Ohio State has Buckeye fans wondering if this team stacks up with Woody Hayes's best

By Austin Murphy


Bloody Poor Show

Lennox Lewis KO'd countryman Frank Bruno in an uninspired outing

By Pat Putnam


By Richard Hoffer

Chuck Cecil

Headlong and Headstrong

Fined by the NFL for his savage hitting, Chuck Cecil (left) says that's the only way he knows to play

By Rick Telander

Darren Daulton

Leading Man

Darren Daulton, who has both the looks and a strike-it-rich story made for Hollywood, stars for the offbeat Phillies

By Leigh Montville

Georgetown Centers

Learning Center

The off-season at Georgetown is a time for basketball alumni and undergrads to bone up at the school of hard knocks

By Phil Taylor


the NFL

By Peter King

College Football

By William F. Reed

NHL Preview 1993-1994

Big Shots

With two high-powered entertainment moguls running expansion franchises, the league has taken on a new look

By E.M. Swift

Another Banner Year

After a one-year interruption, the Pittsburgh Penguins figure to hoist the Stanley Cup again

By Jon Scher

Hooked On Hockey

Marty McSorley, the Pittsburgh Penguins' new $10 million man, is an enforcer who can actually play the game

By Richard Hoffer

NHL Sports People

Tommy Soderstrom

By Franz Lidz

Brian Burke

By E.M. Swift

Keith Tkachuk

By Austin Murphy

Point After

That's All, Folks!

George Brett celebrated his final home game in Kansas City with a few last laughs

By Steve Wulf



Faces in the Crowd


Edited by Jack McCallum