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October 25, 1993 Table Of Contents

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World Series

Slam-Bang Series

There were big hits and big plays aplenty as Toronto and Philadelphia split Games 1 and 2 of the Fall Classic

By Steve Rushin

Sports People

Johnny Podres

By Tim Kurkjian

John Kruk and John Olerud

By Steve Wulf


Armed Forces

In a showdown of signal-callers, Troy Aikman passed the Cowboys over Steve Young's 49ers

By Paul Zimmerman

Generation Gap

Doubts about the grit of today's teens helped kill football in a Michigan town

By Gary Smith


Look Who's Perfect

Unbeaten Auburn can't be on TV or go to a bowl—but it can win. Just ask Florida

By Hank Hersch

Back in Fashion

After 30 less-than-rosy years, football is again in style at Wisconsin

By Austin Murphy

Allen Iverson

Southern Discomfort

A Virginia town has split along racial lines over a stiff jail sentence meted out to high school basketball star Allen Iverson

By Ned Zeman


Only in Amerika

Darius Kasparaitis, Lithuania's madcap gift to the NHL, likes the U.S. Except for opponents and some cops, the feeling is mutual

By Ned Zeman

Ron Hansen

Vanishing Point

Could the baffling disappearance of fast-living jockey Ron Hansen be the ultimate high-stakes game?

By Richard Hoffer


the NFL

By Peter King

College Football

By William F. Reed

Michael Irvin

the mouth that roars

As one of 17 children, Dallas wideout Michael Irvin battled for his share of food, and he has never lost his hunger—or the ability to be heard above the din

By Sally Jenkins

Point After

Trickle-Down Economics

Cuts in college football would help fund women's and other nonrevenue programs

By Alexander Wolff



Faces in the Crowd


Edited by Jack McCallum