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November 15, 1993 Table Of Contents

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To The Reader


By Mark Mulvoy

Scuba Diving

High Tech for the Deep

Technology developed for commercial and military use has opened a new world for sport divers

By Cathie Cush

College Football

A Father's Dedication

San Jose State may not be having a great season, but it has a remarkable man in coach John Ralston

By Ron Fimrite


Wild Night

Evander Holyfield regained the heavyweight title from Riddick Bowe in a fight interrupted by an aerial intruder

By Pat Putnam


Like Old Times

On a day when the Cowboys honored their past, their 31-9 drubbing of the Giants proved that the future belongs to them as well

By Paul Zimmerman

Breeders' Cup

Best Of the Breed

On a day of class acts in the Breeders' Cup, Lure gave the finest performance of all

By William Nack


The Turning of the Tide

In the season's biggest upset, LSU ended Alabama's 31-game unbeaten streak and saved coach Curley Hallman's job

By Hank Hersch


By John Walters


Penn and Needles

Their academics belittled, the Quakers came up big against Princeton in the Ivy League's showcase game

By Leigh Montville

Florida State-Notre Dame


Strike up the band. Top-ranked Florida State and No. 2 Notre Dame will finally face the music this Saturday in South Bend

By Rick Reilly

The Mannings

Like Father, Like Son

Ole Miss will never forget Archie, but Peyton is the Manning of the year with recruiters from Oxford to Ann Arbor

By John Ed Bradley


Quest for Perfection

Afflicted with Tourette's syndrome, the Nuggets' Mahmoud Abdul-Raul formerly Chris Jackson, has found solace in religion

By Rick Reilly

Sports People

Alain Prost

By Bruce Newman

John Daly

By Rick Reilly

Frank Baker

By Rick Telander


the NFL

By Peter King

College Football

By William F. Reed


He's No Paperback Rider

Novelist Dick Francis, who once rode for the Queen Mum, is out with his annual horsey whodunit

By Franz Lidz


A Point Man for Darts

Promoter Lamont Carr is passionate about his sport. In fact, it's the apple of his (bull's) eye

By Susan Brody


A Woman of Substance

Susan O'Malley, president of the Bullets, has NBA stars jumping through hoops

By John Walters

Point After

Send In the Clowns

NFL owners have turned the awarding of an expansion franchise into a circus

By Rick Reilly



Faces in the Crowd


Edited by Jack McCallum