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November 22, 1993 Table Of Contents

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Table of Contents

Faces in the Crowd

Notre Dame-Florida State

Round 1 to the Irish

Notre Dame upset Florida State in a nail-biter in South Bend that set up a possible rematch on New Year's Day

By Austin Murphy


And down the Road...

In the real game of the century, the bell tolled for the 100th meeting of DePauw and Wabash

By John Garrity

Chicago Bulls

The Jordan Heirs

There may be life after Michael, but the Bulls are struggling to find it

By Phil Taylor


The Last Straw

The Browns' cold-fish coach, Bill Belichick, is unpopular in Cleveland, where he did the unthinkable—he cut Bernie Kosar

By Ned Zeman


Answered Prayers

For Evander Holyfield, recapturing the heavyweight crown was a triumph of the spirit

By Tom Junod


Mail-Order Muscles

How big is the market for illegal bodybuilding drugs? Huge, says the author, who went on the trail of a steroid-selling scam

By Rick Telander

Sports People

Don Shula

By Paul Zimmerman

Bob Kempainen

By Merrell Noden

The Ferraro Brothers

By Tim Crothers


the NFL

By Peter King

College Football

By William F. Reed

Point After

The Blackest Sunday

Pete Rozelle's decision to play NFL games on the weekend of JFK's death still bothers players who took the field

By Peter King




Edited by Jack McCallum