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November 29, 1993 Table Of Contents

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Where the Buffalo Roam

Each fall South Dakota's Custer State Park recruits would-be buckaroos for its bison roundup

By Greg Breining


The Bronzing of America

Been on a fun run lately? Chances are you received a trophy suggestive of a loftier feat, but so it goes

By David Butwin

Horse Racing

Wanna Be a Jockey?

The Paradise Ranch Racing School in California is a mecca for a passel of dreamers

By Stephanie Diaz


Franco's Serious Sinker

Former Steeler great Franco Harris is turning out a nutritionally correct doughnut

By Rick Lipsey


On a Roll, Again

After a long layoff, Rebecca Twigg won a medal in Barcelona and a fifth world title this summer

By James Rodewald

Faces in the Crowd

Boston College-Notre Dame


Avenging last year's rout, Boston College shocked No. 1 Notre Dame on a wild Saturday that saw two other Top 5 teams fall as well

By William F. Reed

Mountain Pique

Feeling overlooked and underrated, undefeated West Virginia made its big move at Miami's expense

By Austin Murphy


Pack on Track

Led by the bruising play of Reggie White, resurgent Green Bay battered the Detroit Lions to close in on first place in the NFC Central

By Hank Hersch

Heather Farr

A Battler to The End

Heather Farr lost her life to breast cancer, but not without putting up a gallant fight

By Richard Hoffer

College Basketball 1993-94

The Sky's The Limit

Tar Heel Rasheed Wallace heads a squadron of first-year big men who, because of their remarkable range and mobility, promise to take the game to new heights

By Alexander Wolff

Home on the Range

Seldom is heard a discouraging word about 7-foot Bryant (Big Country) Reeves of Oklahoma State, whose future is as wide open as his nickname

Can Anyone Stop the Heels?

North Carolina stands head and shoulders above the field as it seeks a second straight NCAA title

By Hank Hersch

The Best of the Rest

When all the shouting is over, one of eight unranked contenders could have a breakthrough year and qualify as this season's Cinderella

By William F. Reed

David Vaughn

By Bruce Newman

Ma Jian

By Hank Hersch

Tracy Bergan

By Kelly Whiteside

A Queen and Her Court

Whether Heidi Gillingham is at homecoming weekend or the women's Final Four, the 6'10" All-America center reigns supreme for Vanderbilt

By Kelli Anderson

Women's Top 10

Forget all the talk about parity. One of the game's traditional powers will plow through the NCAA tournament's expanded field of 64 teams

By Kelli Anderson

Division II

Cal State—Bakersfield may not have the glitz of schools in L.A., but it does have the hottest basketball program—for its size—in the state

By Hank Hersch


Holy (purple) cow, after 32 years of self-imposed exile from postseason play, Williams can once again compete for the national title

By Michael Jaffe

World Cup '94

Peacefully Done

In bloody Belfast, hatreds were put aside as World Cup—bound Ireland tied Northern Ireland

By Alexander Wolff


the NFL

By Peter King

College Football

By William F. Reed


Pssst: Paint Your Car for $75,000?

Junior Conway of Los Angeles, a.k.a. the Degas of the Driveway, takes pains you wouldn't believe

By Nicholas Dawidoff

Pigeon Racing

Fairest of the Fowl

In the fervent world of pigeon racing, top birds command big bucks

By Michael Finkel

Point After

The Wooing Game

Lusting after recruits, college basketball coaches resort to epistles, poetry and pestering

By Steve Rushin




Edited by Jack McCallum