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16 Out Foxed
Rupert Murdoch's upstart Fox Network snatched the NFL from CBS
by Steve Wulf

22 An A+ for the A-10
Floe Atlantic 10, once easily dismissed, has become a conference to be reckoned with
by Ned Zeman

28 A Gentleman and a Scholar
Florida State quarterback Charlie Ward is as all-American as a young man can be
by Rick Reilly

36 The Quiet Man
Even if Nebraska wins the Orange Bowl, coach Tom Osborne won't dance on tabletops
by Sally Jenkins

42 93 Things That Went Right in '93...
Hey, everybody can't get a break, but here's who did in a random review of the year
by Franz Lidz

60 ...And 19 Things That Went Wrong
From dueling duffers to frighteningly fanatic fans, the year had its share of lowlights
by Franz Lidz

66 A Time to Mourn
Untimely deaths in 1993 kept the sports world in a nearly constant state of grieving
by Richard Hoffer

84 Dream On
Imagine Michael and Magic back for a showdown between Dream Teams I and II
by Jack McCallum

92 Educating Willie
Willie Roaf's mom wanted him to be a star student, but he became a star in the NFL
by Gary Smith

102 My Kind of Town
The author finds you can go home again when he revisits old haunts in Norwich, N.Y.
by Steve Wulf


6 Letters
10 Faces in the Crowd
13 Scorecard
78 Sports People
111 College Football
113 Point After




At the Winter Olympics, which begin in Norway on Feb. 12, speed skaters will race under a dome shaped like the hull of a Viking ship.