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Total Recall

Do you remember the game the Bills want to forget?

And now it's time to test your memory of last year's Super Bowl, in which the Dallas Cowboys pummeled the Buffalo Bills 52-17 in Pasadena. (Helpful guessing tip: The answer is always c.)

1. The game was fairly close until

a) the Cowboys scored two second-quarter touchdowns within 18 seconds to take a 28-10 halftime lead;
b) Bill quarterback Jim Kelly was intercepted in the end zone, ending Buffalo's chance to tie it at 14-14;
c) just after the national anthem.

2. The thing that probably hurt the Bills most was

a) their Super Bowl-record nine turnovers, which led to 35 Dallas points;
b) an inability to control Cowboy wideout Michael Irvin, who caught two TD passes from Troy Aikman;
c) that their bus driver found the stadium.

3. Few people remember that the Bills

a) actually led the game, 7-0;
b) were penalized fewer times than the Cowboys;
c) were made up entirely of off-duty managers from local area Wendy's restaurants.

4. The luckiest guy on the field was probably

a) Cowboy defensive tackle Jimmie Jones, who recovered two fumbles and returned one for a TD;
b) Cowboy safety Thomas Everett, who intercepted two passes;
c) Jim Kelly, who got knocked out of the game for good in the second quarter.

5. For Cowboy coach Jimmy Johnson, the most satisfying moment had to be when he realized that

a) he had needed only three seasons to turn a 1-15 team into a champion;
b) he was the first head coach to win titles in college and in the NFL;
c) his hair spray repels Gatorade.

6. The one thing the Bills will take from last year's game to this is

a) a determination not to be embarrassed again in front of millions;
b) a grim memory of how turnovers can ruin the best of teams;
c) the first-aid kit.

7. This time the Bills know they should plan to be

a) ready to play four quarters;
b) determined to hang on to the ball at any cost;
c) in Bermuda.



As soon as Brad Lamb babbled the opening kickoff, it was clear that the Bills were doomed.