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Who Will Win What

Look for Albertville's stars to shine again In Lillehammer

Speed Skating
Tradition will continue on the long track, where the Dutch will dominate the distances and the U.S., behind Bonnie Blair and Dan Jansen, will once again excel in the sprints. In the newer short track events, the U.S., Canada, China and South Korea will join in a free-for-all for supremacy


500 Meters

[Gold]Dan Jansen, U.S.
[Silver]Hiroyasu Shimizu, Japan
[Bronze]Manabu Horii, Japan
US: Jansen has the world record but no Olympic medal. Until now.

1,000 Meters

[Gold]Dan Jansen, U.S.
[Silver]Igor Zhelezovski, Belarus
[Bronze]Yukinori Miyabe, Japan
US: Top 25 for Dave Besteman, Brendan Eppert and Nathaniel Mills.

1,500 Meters

[Gold]Falko Zandstra, the Netherlands
[Silver]Rintje Ritsma, the Netherlands
[Bronze]‚Äö√†√∂‚àö√±dne Sonder‚Äö√†√∂‚Äö√Ñ¢l, Norway
US: Top Mills, who is in a band called Josey Wails, should have a top 25 hit.

5,000 Meters

[Gold]Johann Olav Koss, Norway
[Silver]Rintje Ritsma, the Netherlands
[Bronze]Bart Veldkamp, the Netherlands
US: David Tamburrino and Brian Wanek should finish in the top 30.

10,000 Meters
[Gold]Johann Olav Koss, Norway
[Silver]Kjell Storelid, Norway
[Bronze]Jaromir Radke, Poland
US: Wanek is the best, but he'll just be shooting for the top 30.

Men's Short Track

500 Meters

[Gold]Derrick Campbell, Canada
[Silver]Andy Gabel, U.S.
[Bronze]Orazio Fagone, Italy
US: Randy Bartz and John Coyle could join Gabel in the top 10.

1,000 Meters

[Gold]Lee Joon-Ho, South Korea
[Silver]Frederic Blackburn, Canada
[Bronze]Eric Flaim, U.S.
US: Flaim will add a bronze to the silver he won on the long track in '88.

5,000 Meter Relay

[Silver]South Korea
US: Flaim, Gabel & Co. think they can be golden.


500 Meters

[Gold]Bonnie Blair, U.S.
[Silver]Ye Qiaobo, China
[Bronze]Susan Auch, Canada
US: Peggy Clasen and Michelle Kline are Us) 20 places behind Blair.

1,000 Meters

[Gold]Bonnie Blair, U.S.
[Silver]Ye Qiaobo, China
[Bronze]Angela Hauck, Germany
US: Cow-art collector Kline and Chantal Bailey may crack the top 25.

1,500 Meters

[Gold]Emese Hunyady, Austria
[Silver]Gunda Niemann, Germany
[Bronze]Svetlana Bazhanova, Russia
US: Top 25 spots far Bailey and Angela till Zuckerman would be triumphs.

3,000 Meters

[Gold]Gunda Niemann, Germany
[Silver]Carla Zijlstra, the Netherlands
[Bronze]Svetlana Bazhanova, Russia
US: Zuckerman, a Milwaukee apartment manager, could be in the top 25.

5,000 Meters

[Gold]Gunda Niemann, Germany
[Silver]Carla Zijlstra, the Netherlands
[Bronze]Elena Belci, Italy
US: No entry.

Women's Short Track

500 Meters

[Gold]Cathy Turner, U.S.
[Silver]Nathalie Lambert, Canada
[Bronze]Zhang Yanmei, China
US: Turner unretired to add a gold to the one she won in '92.

1,000 Meters

[Gold]Nathalie Lambert, Canada
[Silver]Li Yan, China
[Bronze]Amy Peterson, U.S.
US: Peterson's uncle Gene Sandvig skated in three Olympics.

3,000 Meter Relay

[Bronze]South Korea
US: No entry; Turner and Peterson are the U.S. team.

Bobsled & Luge
Experience counts in the bob: Gustav Weder will return to the medal stand after winning Switzerland's only gold in Albertville, and '84 gold medalist Wolfgang Hoppe will get Germany I on the podium yet again. In the luge, though youth will be served, and the U.S. should win its first medal ever



[Gold]Weder/Acklin, Switzerland
[Silver]Lochner/Zimmermann, Germany
[Bronze]Dostthaler/Musiol, Germany
US: A good push could pull Brian Shimer and Randy Jones into the top 10.


[Gold]Switzerland I (driver: Gustav Weder)
[Silver]Austria I (driver: Hubert Schösser)
[Bronze]Germany I (driver: Wolfgang Hoppe)
US: Shimer & Co. could get the U.S. its first bob medal since '56.

Men's Luge


[Gold]Markus Prock, Austria
[Silver]Wendel Suckow, U.S.
[Bronze]Georg Hackl, Germany
US: If world champion Suckow falters, look to Duncan Kennedy.


[Gold]Krausse/Behrendt, Germany
[Silver]Raffl/N. Huber, Italy
[Bronze]Brugger/W. Huber, Italy
US: Both Grimmette/Edwards and Thorpe/Sheer could crack the top 5.

Women's Luge


[Gold]Gerda Weissensteiner, Italy
[Silver]Gabriele Kohlisch, Germany
[Bronze]Jana Bode, Germany
US: If Cammy Myler gets over her sore shoulder, she could reach fifth.

Figure Skating
With Brian Boitano, Katarina Witt and other former medalists returning, this was already the most eagerly awaited sport of the Games—and that was before the assault on Nancy Kerrigan


[Gold]Viktor Petrenko, Ukraine
[Silver]Kurt Browning, Canada
[Bronze]Brian Boitano, U.S.
US: Is national champion Scott Davis ready for the pressure? If so, he could sneak in for the bronze.


[Gold]Oksana Baiul, Ukraine
[Silver]Nancy Kerrigan, U.S.
[Bronze]Surya Bonaly, France
US: Kerrigan's program is more difficult than Baiul's, so if she holds up, she could be golden.


[Gold]Gordeeva/Grinkov, Russia
[Silver]Brasseur/Eisler, Canada
[Bronze]Mishkutienok/Dmitriev, Russia
US: Jenni Meno and Todd Sand should finish fifth, as they did in last year's world championships.


[Gold]Torvill/Dean, Great Britain
[Silver]Gritschuk/Platov, Russia
[Bronze]Usova/Zhulin, Russia
US: A top 10 finish would be a major triumph for newlyweds Elizabeth Punsalan and Jerod Swallow.

Ice Hockey
Though Canada took the silver medal in Albertville, Canadian and U.S. skaters won't be quick enough on the larger ice surfaces in Europe to stay with the Russians and the Swedes

[Bronze]Czech Republi
US: Without the best NHL players, don't expect another Miracle on Ice.

Alpine Skiing
Austria will return to the summit while the U.S. women will exceed expectations and Norway, though not as strong as in '92, will prosper on its home hills



[Gold]Patrick Ortlieb, Austria
[Silver]Hannes Trinkl, Austria
[Bronze]William Besse, Switzerland
US: Tommy Moe and, with luck, AJ Kitt will ascend into the top 10.

Super G

[Gold]Guther Mader, Austria
[Silver]Marc Girardelli, Luxembourg
[Bronze]Kjetil Andrè Aamodt, Norway
US: Moe, who has one third-place finish this season, could add another.

Giant Slalom

[Gold]Kjetil Andrè Aamodt, Norway
[Silver]Alberto Tomba, Italy
[Bronze]Christian Mayer, Austria
US: Only Jeremy Nobis has a shot at the top 30. And it's a long one.


[Gold]Finn Christian Jagge, Norway
[Silver]Thomas Stangassinger, Austria
[Bronze]Jure Kosir, Slovenia
US: With some luck, Matt Grosjean will be 25th; with more, 15th.


[Gold]Lasse Kjus, Norway
[Silver]Kjetil Andrè Aamodt, Norway
[Bronze]Gunther Mader, Austria
US: Moe has a fourth this season and could get the bronze.



[Gold]Katja Seizinger, Germany
[Silver]Anja Haas, Austria
[Bronze]Kate Pace, Canada
US: Hilary Lindh, second in '92, and Picabo Street are top 10 bound.

Super G

[Gold]Katja Seizinger, Germany
[Silver]Ulrike Maier, Austria
[Bronze]Deborah Compagnoni, Italy
US: Top 15 for Lindh, Megan Gerety and Diann Rojfe-Steinrotter.

Giant Slalom

[Gold]Deborah Compagnoni, Italy
[Silver]Anita Wachter, Austria
[Bronze]Heidi Voelker, U.S.
US: Voelker had four good races after her demotion to the B team.


[Gold]Pemilla Wiberg, Sweden
[Silver]Vreni Schneider, Switzerland
[Bronze]Patricia Chauvet, France
US: Slow starters Monique Pelletier and Julie Parisien are peaking.


[Gold]Pernilla Wiberg, Sweden
[Silver]Renate Götschl, Austria
[Bronze]Picabo Street, U.S.
US: Street got silver at the '93 worlds and is skiing well again.

Men's Freestyle


[Gold]Edgard Grospiron, France
[Silver]Olivier Cotte, France
[Bronze]Jean-Luc Brassard, Canada
US: Sean Smith's daring could bring him ninth place.


[Gold]Nicolas Fontaine, Canada
[Silver]Christian Rijavec, Austria
[Bronze]Philippe LaRoche, Canada
US: Trace Worthington and Kris Feddersen should be in the top 8.

Women's Freestyle


[Gold]Donna Weinbrecht, U.S.
[Silver]Stine Lise Hattestad, Norway
[Bronze]Tatjana Mittermayer, Germany
US: Weinbrecht is a lock; Ann Battelle has a shot at a bronze.


[Gold]Lina Cherjazova, Uzbekistan
[Silver]Colette Brand, Switzerland
[Bronze]Natalia Orekhova, Russia
US: Nikki Stone or Kristean Porter could land on the medal stand.

Nordic Skiing
The Norwegians should give the home crowd reason to cheer, but a man from Kazakhstan could spoil the party

Ski Jumping

Normal Hill

[Gold]Andreas Goldberger, Austria
[Silver]Jens Weissflog, Germany
[Bronze]Jinya Nishikata, Japan
US: Sixteen-year-old Randy Weber could leap to a top 20 finish.

Large Hill

[Gold]Espen Bredesen, Norway
[Silver]Jaroslav Sakala, Czech Republic
[Bronze]Janne Ahonen, Finland
US: Veteran Tad Langlois keeps improving and could break into the top 20.

Large Hill, Team

US: If everything goes right, a top 12 finish is possible.

Nordic Combined


[Gold]Kenji Ogiwara, Japan
[Silver]Takanori Kono, Japan
[Bronze]Fred Borre Lundberg, Norway
US: Best skier Dave Jarrett and best jumper Ryan Heckman aren't top 20.


US: Predicting a finish anywhere in the top 10 requires a leap of faith.

Men's Cross-Country

10K (classical style)

[Gold]Vegard Ulvang, Norway
[Silver]Vladimir Smirnov, Kazakhstan
[Bronze]Sture Sivertsen, Norway
US: The classical style is Ben Husaby's forte, and he could break into the top 25.


[Gold]Vladimir Smirnov, Kazakhstan
[Silver]Bjorn Daehlie, Norway
[Bronze]Vegard Ulvang, Norway
US: NCAA champ Luke Bodensteiner of Utah could make the top 30.

30K (freestyle)

[Gold]Torgny Mogren, Sweden
[Silver]Bjorn Daehlie, Norway
[Bronze]Mika Myllylä, Finland
US: Bodensteiner and Norwegian-born John Aalberg may hit the top 25.

50K (classical)

[Gold]Bjorn Daehlie, Norway
[Silver]Vegard Ulvang, Norway
[Bronze]Vladimir Smirnov, Kazakhstan
US: Anywhere in the first 35 would be a triumph for Husaby.

4x10K Relay (mixed style)

US: A ninth-place finish would be sensational.

Men's Biathlon


[Gold]Patrice Bailly-Salins, France
[Silver]Ricco Gross, Germany
[Bronze]Valery Kirienko, Russia
US: The Vermont National Guard's Dave Jareckie shoots for the top 40.


[Gold]Sven Fischer, Germany
[Silver]Sergei Tarasov, Russia
[Bronze]Andreas Zingerle, Italy
US: Curt Schreiner is bound to his 51st-place Albertville finish.

4x7.5K Relay

US: The Americans will be lucky to wind up among the first 13.

Women's Cross-Country

5K (classical style)

[Gold]Stefania Belmondo, Italy
[Silver]Larissa Lazutina, Russia
[Bronze]Marja-Liisa Kirvesniemi, Finland
US: Nina Kemppel, a '93 Dartmouth grad, would do well to place 20th.


[Gold]Stefania Belmondo, Italy
[Silver]Ljubov Egorova, Russia
[Bronze]Elena Vialbe, Russia
US: Kemppel is best again; another top 20 finish is conceivable.

15K (freestyle)

[Gold]Ljubov Egorova, Russia
[Silver]Manuela Di Centa, Italy
[Bronze]Svetlana Nageikina, Russia
US: Leslie Thompson, an '87 Dartmouth grad, would do well to place 20th.

30K (classical)

[Gold]Ljubov Egorova, Russia
[Silver]Trade Dybendahl, Norway
[Bronze]Marjut Rolig, Finland
US: Kerrin Petty, who scaled Mont Blanc last summer, peaks at 30th.

4x5K Relay (mixed style)

US: Remarkable progress: from last in Albertville to top 8 here.

Women's Biathlon


[Gold]Nathalie Santer, Italy
[Silver]Svetlana Paramigina, Belarus
[Bronze]Uschi Disl, Germany
US: Mary Ostergren and Joan Smith could both hit the top 25.


[Gold]Anne Briand, France
[Silver]Ljubov Beliakova, Russia
[Bronze]Myriam Bedard, Canada
US: Beth Coats probably won't better her 18th at a Jan. 13 race in Germany.

4x7.5K Relay

US: Expectations are high, but ninth place would be dandy.






Dan Jansen, U.S.



Switzerland I



Georg Hackl, Germany



Surya Bonaly, France





Kjetil Andrè Aamodt Norway



Takanori Kono, Japan