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8 Letters
12 Faces in the Crowd
18 Scorecard
130 Sports People
175 Inside College Football
178 Inside the NBA
180 Point After

22 Poll Vaulting
There's an upsetting trend in college basketball that has been disastrous for No. 1's
by Alexander Wolff

28 Anatomy of a Plot
By their accounts, Nancy Kerrigan's four assailants were at once goons and buffoons
by E.M. Swift

42 Aged to a Tee
Forty-six-year-old Johnny Miller made broadcast news at Pebble Beach
by Rick Reilly

44 The Killing Ground
Sarajevo once held the sweetest of Olympic Games. Now it stages bloodbaths
by William Oscar Johnson

54 Off the Deep End
Seduced by turquoise waters, America has fallen in love with the swimming pool
by Bruce Newman

62 The Black-Line Blues
With a million laps behind him, the author has a shot at circumnavigating the globe
by Gilbert Rogin

66 Everybody into the Pool
SI's 30th swimsuit spectacular gets fresh—water, that is—and goes where the boys are
by Jule Campbell

120 Supermodel Confidential
Angie Everhart is really a redhead and has stamina to burn. Just ask the author
by Kelly Whiteside

136 The Survival Game
In paint ball or baseball, San Diego pitcher Andy Benes is a wanted man
by Kelly Whiteside

142 A Man of Vision
The X-ray eyes of Dallas's Emmitt Smith have led him to double-MVP honors
by Leigh Montville

152 O Unlucky Man
An SI Classic tells the tale of Sonny Liston, on whom fortune never smiled
by William Nack

168 A Life in the Shadows
Since 1947, basketball coach Dick Baldwin has shunned the big time and lost little
by Alexander Wolff

Cover Photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.



Who's Peeking in my Porthole?: Well, it sure ain't Jacques Cousteau, muses Stacey Williams, who's striped for action in a Calvin Klein bikini ($70). On the cover: It's three for the show when Kathy Ireland, in a suit by Mossimo ($72), Elle Macpherson, wearing leatherlike Lycra by Darling Rio ($52), and Rachel Hunter, sporting a suit by Robin Piccone ($54), cool beside a pool in Beverly Hills.