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18 Whooosh!
In Olympic speed skating, Dan Jansen won at last and Bonnie Blair won again
by Alexander Wolff

24 Zone of Their Own
U.S. skiers, led by Diann Roffe-Steinrotter and Tommy Moe, exceeded expectations
by William Oscar Johnson

32 As the World Turns
Together again, Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan starred in their own soap
by Steve Rushin

38 Root, Root, Root...
...for the home team is what Norway did as its athletes turned the Games into a gala
by Leigh Montville

46 Stepping Up
A new group of male figure skaters took over as the old guard took spills
by E.M. Swift

56 News of the Week

Sterling Marlin broke a long losing streak with a big win in the Daytona 500
by Bruce Newman

A bloodied Humberto Gonzalez ripped the light flyweight title from Michael Carbajal
by Pat Putnam

Michael Jordan as baseball player is still a long shot
by Tim Kurkjian

68 Flying to the Top
This 1979 SI Classic chronicles the rise of Larry Bird
by Bruce Newman

72 The Whittler
John Chancy uses all his rage and passion to cut life's complexity to a few certainties
by Gary Smith


8 Letters
11 Faces in the Crowd
12 Scorecard
48 Winter Olympic People
83 Inside College Basketball
86 Inside the NBA
88 Point After

Cover Photographs by Tom Lynn/CBS; Heinz Kluetmeier/CBS; Bill Eppridge




Throng of Norway: This group—are these folks related or what?—was a tiny part of the masses who showed their true colors whenever cross-country was on at the Lillehammer Games (page 38).