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20 Err Jordan
Try as he might, Michael Jordan has found baseball to be beyond his grasp
by Steve Wulf

24 Dan's the Man
Danny Manning's acquisition by Atlanta has given the Hawks a leg up in the NBA East
by Hank Hersch

26 Playing a New Tune
Set to rejoin the PGA Tour, John Daly insists he finally has a grip on his oft-troubled life
by Rick Reilly

34 The Bonus Baby
Ex-backup quarterback Scott Mitchell profited from the NFL's new world of free agency
by Peter King

38 Try, Try Again
Jose Canseco and Darryl Strawberry have both gone bust. Both foresee another boom
by Richard Hoffer

42 Top Bog
Purdue's Glenn (Big Dog) Robinson may be the most complete college basketball player in years
by Bruce Newman

54 One Beer for the Rocket
In this 1960 SI Classic, Maurice Richard watches his temper—and his weight
by Gilbert Rogin

62 The Greatest, and Howe!
Wayne Gretzky is close to passing Gordie Howe to become the NHL's top career goal scorer
by Austin Murphy


6 Letters
11 Faces in the Crowd
14 Scorecard
46 Sports People
69 Inside College Basketball
72 Inside the NBA
76 Point After

Cover Photograph by John Iacono




A Scary Sight: Jose Canseco still has bulging biceps, but after two down years and elbow surgery, can he lend real muscle to the Texas attack (page 38)?