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14 Away We Go
A slew of basketball upsets raised questions about who will win the NCAAs
by Alexander Wolff

24 The First Fan
President Clinton is hog-wild about Arkansas's chances for a national championship
by Alexander Wolff

32 Oh, Brother
B.B. Bonds and Craig Griffey are seeking to join celebrated sibs in the major.
by Kelly Whiteside

38 Defying the Odds
Trainer Jeff Lukas is recovering from injuries caused by Derby favorite Tabasco Cat
by William Nack

74 Singing the Blues
St. Louis's signing of Petr Nedved caused a week of tension for this NHL team
by Austin Murphy

82 The Lone Wolf
As a winner in college or a loser in the NBA, Christian Laettner has been his own man
by Michael Angeli

94 Would You Let This Man Interview You?
This SI Classic chronicled the life and times of sportscaster Howard Cosell
by Myron Cope


4 Letters
8 Faces in the Crowd
10 Scorecard
78 Sports People
108 Inside Baseball
110 Point After

Cover Photograph by David Burnett/Contact



Having a Ball: As his adored Razorbacks headed into the NCAA tournament as a No. 1 seed, Bill Clinton showed he has a firm grasp of the game (page 24).