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14 Giant Killers
On a day of NCAA tournament upsets, Boston College pulled off the biggest stunner
by Alexander Wolff

24 Orient Express
A pair of young Asian pitchers have thrown the major leagues for a loop
by Tom Verducci

32 A Done Deal
Figure skater Tonya Harding confessed to a crime but avoided doing time in jail
by Sonja Steptoe and E.M. Swift

44 As Real As He Gets
Andre Agassi, an image in search of identity, returned to the courts with new purpose
by Sally Jenkins

52 Knock on Wood
The Maple Leafs feel lucky to have Dave Andreychuk, a.k.a. Wood, who battles for goals
by Hank Hersch

58 Point of Light
Kenny Anderson of the Nets is one former playground star who still shines
by Phil Taylor

74 Once He Was an Angel
In this SI Classic, Bo Belinsky muses on the talent he wasted, and the fun he had
by Pat Jordan


4 Letters
7 Faces in the Crowd
8 Scorecard
66 Skiing
68 Sports People
86 Inside the NBA
88 Point After

Cover Photograph by Manny Millan



Roe v. Wade: During a first-round NCAA tournament game, Massachusetts' Lou Roe (15) and Southwest Texas State's Lynwood Wade went to court against each other. As in their namesake legal battle, Roe's side won this decision, 78-60 (page 14).