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April 4, 1994 Table Of Contents

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Masters in Miniature

Based on a 1936 series, these small cards honor the game's legends

By Mark Mandernach


Belting the Champions

Jeweler Phil Valentino Sr. makes the trophies that gird the great

By Robert Horn


NCAA Tournament

Sky High

Arizona, Arkansas, Duke and Florida soar into the Final Four, where they will find out who has the right stuff to win two more

By Alexander Wolff

Final Four People

Corliss Williamson

By William F. Reed

Cherokee Parks

By Tim Layden

Khalid Reeves

By Austin Murphy

Craig Brown

By Hank Hersch

Pro Basketball

Hand It to Magic

After refusing the job for more than a year, Magic Johnson agreed to coach the Lakers—at least for now

By Phil Taylor


Sharp As a Shark

Greg Norman ripped into par in scoring a ridiculously easy TPC victory

By Rick Reilly

Baseball 1994

Kids' Stuff

A proliferation of exciting young stars has put a fresh face on the game

By Tom Verducci

Glory Days

By Tom Verducci

Slick with the Stick

Carlos Baerga's brilliant bat work and easy humor have helped the Cleveland Indians get out from behind the eight ball

By Franz Lidz

Making a Splash

Three young pitchers have emerged at the same time, giving Chicago a rotation that's the envy of the American League

By Steve Rushin

Diamond Vision

A front-office phenom at 35, Dan Duquette seems to have been driven by destiny to return home and rebuild the Red Sox

By Steve Wulf

A Dazzling Deal

In pulling off a rare one-for-one trade of young talent, Delino DeShields for Pedro Martinez, the Expos and the Dodgers showed guts and guile

By Tim Kurkjian

Scouting Reports

By Steve Wulf

No Worries For a Winner

By Tim Kurkjian

Unquestionable Talent

By Tim Kurkjian

A Change Of Personality

By Tim Kurkjian

Playing the Waiting Game

By Tim Kurkjian

The View from The Basement

By Tim Kurkjian

Refurbished And Realigned

By Steve Wulf

Sporting a New Look

By Steve Wulf

A Most Iffy Proposition

By Steve Wulf

A Lot Happier, A Little Better

By Steve Wulf

In Need of a Call to Arms

By Steve Wulf

The Shape of Things to Come

By Tom Verducci

Nothing Left? It's All Right

By Tom Verducci

The Scare Of Thin Air

By Tom Verducci

Suffering an Identity Crisis

By Tom Verducci

Handling the Investment

By Tim Kurkjian

Hanging On to One Man's Arm

By Tim Kurkjian

Bullpen Roulette

By Tim Kurkjian

Reasonable Doubt

By Tim Kurkjian

They'll Run, But Can't Hide

By Tim Kurkjian

New Division, Same Result

By Steve Wulf

Taking a Shot With Their 38s

By Steve Wulf

Looking for the Proper Spark

By Steve Wulf

Fashion Statement

By Steve Wulf

Sunk in The Central

By Steve Wulf

A Cleared Path To the Top

By Tom Verducci

For Starters, A Heavy Burden

By Tom Verduccci

A Tricky Mix of Young and Old

By Tom Verduccci

Starting at the Bottom Again

By Tom Verducci

Point After

To Dad, Love, Pete

A son found a heartfelt—if secret—way to put his father in Cooperstown

By Steve Wulf




Edited by Jack McCallum