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18 Shooting Stars
Can these streaking hitters break sacred baseball records?
by Tom Verducci

24 Stuff of Dreams
Hakeem Olajuwon led Houston to the brink of the Finals
by Hank Hersch

30 Winning Ugly
Indiana and New York matched bump-and-grind styles
by Phil Taylor

32 Passing It On
Armed with his dad's advice, Al Unser Jr. won Indy
by Bruce Newman

34 Seminole Shame
New charges rocked the Florida State football program
by Douglas S. Looney and John Walters

38 The Curse of the Cup
This year's Rangers just may break the Stanley Cup jinx
by Leigh Montville

46 Foreign Legions
U.S. colleges are recruiting armies of athletes from abroad
by Rick Hoffer

50 An Arm and a Leg
The Dolphins' Dan Marino is solidly on his feet again
by S.L. Price

66 Justice Prevails
Fate and marriage have put Brave Dave Justice on top
by John Ed Bradley


6 Letters
10 Faces in the Crowd
14 Scorecard
56 Sports People
85 Inside Baseball
88 Point After

Cover Photograph by Chuck Solomon (Griffey); Herb Scharman (Maris)



Indy Imbroglio: This fiery smashup involving the cars of Dominic Dobson (17) and Mike Groff was one of seven crashes that knocked nine can out of the 500 (page 32).