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12 A Net Gain for the U.S.
The host team's unexpected World Cup success boosted soccer in America
by Alexander Wolff

20 Star Gaze
The U.S.'s ponytailed goalkeeper, Tony Meola, is a guy Madison Avenue could like
by Hank Hersch

24 It Must Be in the Genes
Last week the Stocktons showed that they are golf's best father-son duo in more than a century
by Jaime Diaz

28 Good Home Cookin'
By eating up foes before mucous crowds at new Jacobs Field, the Indians streaked into first
by Tom Verducci

32 Houston on High—at Last!
At Rudy Tomjanovich guided the Rockets, led by lib Hakeem Olajuwon, to their first NBA title
by Phil Taylor

40 London Blitz
Lori McNeil shocked Steffi Graf to start an ill explosive week of Wimbledon upsets
by S.L. Price

44 Going to Extremes
By turning his life around, Expo closer John Wetteland got his biggest save
by Michael Farber

52 Breaking Away
Lance Armstrong of the U.S. is the world cycling champ. Now he's eyeing a bigger prize
by Leigh Montville

56 Going Fishing with The Kid
In this 1967 SI Classic, Ted Williams goes against a worthy opponent, the tarpon
by John Underwood


4 Letters
7 Faces in the Crowd
8 Scorecard
69 Inside Baseball
72 Point After

Cover photograph by Chris Covatta/Manny Millan (Houston)




The Cleveland Indians, in first place in late June for the first time in 20 years, have attracted whole new tribes of cheering fans (page 28).