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16 The Last Hurrah
Martina Navratilova stole the show in her final appearance at Wimbledon
by S.L. Price

22 Out at Home
Powerful Brazil ended U.S. hopes of a World Cup miracle on American soil
by Alexander Wolff

26 No Way to Die
A Colombian player was slain because of a mistake he made in a loss to the U.S.
by Jack McCallum

30 Firsts, But Not Equals
The NBA's and NHL's top draft selections offer a revealing study in contrasts
by Michael Farber

50 Beating the Bushes
Duke-bound basketball star Trajan Langdon is playing baseball in the minors
by John Garrity

54 The Blue Days
After two straight World Series wins, the Toronto Blue Jays have crash-landed
by Tim Kurkjian

60 A Day of Prowess
For this 1956 SI Classic, an American poet mused on baseball's All-Star Game
by Robert Frost

64 Buddy
During his 37-year career Buddy Ryan has inspired two emotions: love and hate
by Gary Smith


5 Letters
8 Faces in the Crowd
10 Scorecard
85 Baseball
88 Point After

Cover Photograph by Bill Frakes



Blades of Glory: Before making her final exit from Wimbledon's Centre Court, Martina Navratilova plucked a souvenir from the greensward on which she won a record nine singles titles.