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16 The M&M Boys: Plain and Peanut
Oriole aces Mike Mussina and Ben McDonald deal in different ways
by Tom Verducci

24 Having a Ball
With enough drama even for Americans, soccer's showpiece reached its final four
by Alexander Wolff

30 Man of the Century
Leroy Burrell eclipsed Carl Lewis by regaining the 100-meter world mark
by Merrell Noden

32 No. 10, with a Bullet
Kim Williams finished high in a golf tournament just a week after being shot
by Amy Nutt

34 The Long Shot
Can a troubled Darryl Strawberry save himself and the foundering Giants?
by Ron Fimrite

39 Early Riser
Teenage shortstop sensation Alex Rodriguez debuted with the Mariners
By Tom Verducci

40 Invasion on Wheels
After traversing the Channel Tunnel, the Tour de France caused culture shock
by Leigh Montville

44 Whew!!
A powerhouse in golf and life, Laura Davies of England could use a breather
by Sally Jenkins

50 Sweet Swinger
The hyperkinetic Gregg Jefferies is happily hitting a ton for the Cardinals
by John Garrity

58 A Braw Brawl for Tom and Jack
This SI Classic recalls the 1977 British Open and two of the best rounds ever played
by Dan Jenkins

62 Say Cheese
The Wisconsin dairyland plays host to the NFL's north woods training camps
by Rick Telander


4 Letters
6 Faces in the Crowd
11 Scorecard
54 Sports People
77 Inside Baseball
80 Point After

Cover Photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.



A Merrie Chase: A quartet of cyclists pedal along the French coast toward the Chunnel, through which they and the others in the Tour de France would pass en route to a rousing two-day spin in England (page 40).