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12 In Charge
New Dallas Cowboy coach Barry Switzer is out to prove he can fill Jimmy Johnson's shoes
by Rick Telander

18 Meanwhile Back in the Keys...
...Johnson is soaking up the sun and is in no great hurry to return to the NFL
by Peter King

20 Crunch Time
It was July, but the showdown between the Indians and the White Sox had the look of October
by John Garrity

26 In the Strike Zone
The players are on the brink of a walkout that could jeopardize the World Series
by Tom Verducci

30 Sweet and Sour
Patty Sheehan won a second Women's U.S. Open as Helen Alfredsson self-destructed
by Amy Nutt

34 World Class
After a strong showing at Bislett, Bob Kennedy may be the best U.S. distance man in a decade
by E.M. Swift

38 My Tour with Miguel
Miguel Induràin left his rivals wheezing as he won his fourth straight Tour de France
by Leigh Montville

52 The Glory Game at Goat Hills
In this SI Classic, the author tells of good times and good ol' boy on a Texas municipal golf course
by Dan Jenkins


4 Letters
6 Faces in the Crowd
9 Scorecard
46 Sports People
63 Inside Baseball
66 Point After

Cover Photograph by Peter Read miller



Upward Mobility: Angela Bradburn of the U.S. truly extended herself at the Bislett Games in Oslo, where she cleared 6'4" to place second in the high jump (page 34).