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16 The Big Heart
Frank Thomas honors the memory of his sister by striving for baseball's heights
by Rick Reilly

24 Junior Comes of Age
Ken Griffey Jr. is more than a star—he's the new straw that stirs the game
by Alan Shipnuck

32 Good As It Gets
Kenny Rogers of the Texas Rangers joined an elite group of perfect-game hurlers
by Tim Kurkjian

34 Are the Bills out of Their Coma?
(And five other provocative questions about the upcoming pro football season)
by Peter King

40 A Roth's-Eye View
These SI Classics show one of America's wittiest artists at his most delightful
by Arnold Roth

48 The Big Dog
At 24, U.S. Open champ Ernie Els is hailed as golf's future best in show
by Tim Rosaforte

52 Dying to Win
For many women athletes, like Christy Henrich, the toughest foe is anorexia
by Merrell Noden


4 Letters
6 Faces in the Crowd
9 Scorecard
62 Inside Baseball
64 Point After

Cover Photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.



Master Wit: A golf ball with a mind of its own at Augusta in 1974 is one of countless hilarious images that Arnold Roth has conjured for SI over the year(page 40).