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20 'I Just Heaved It'
Kordell Stewart's desperation pass gave Colorado a wild victory over Michigan
by Tim Layden

26 Dog Day Afternoon
Washington laid waste to a streak and a mystique by beating Miami in the Orange Bowl
by S.L. Price

30 'Lawdy, Lawdy, He's Great'
So said Joe Frazier of Muhammad Ali in this SI Classic about the Thrilla in Manila
by Mark Kram

36 A Sudden Leap to the Top
Oliver McCall's KO of Lennox Lewis regained control of the heavyweights for Don King
by Hugh McIlvanney

44 Hey, Charles, How's the Back?
That's the most pressing of the questions being posed in the NBA as the teams head to camp
by Phil Taylor

50 Hello, Anybody Home?
That is what fans in Washington want to know as their beloved Redskins continue to slide
by John Ed Bradley

56 Send in the Clown
The author thought it might be fun to be a rodeo down. Then the bulls noticed him
by E.M. Swift


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10 Faces in the Crowd
15 Scorecard
78 Inside College Football
80 Point After

Cover Photograph by Hal Stoelzle/Rocky Mountain News



No Barrel Of Laughs: SI's E.M. Swift found out that being a rodeo clown is not exactly a bunch of yuks (page 56).