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34 Catch This!
Despite reports to the contrary, Auburn hasn't won 18 games in a row by being lucky
by Sally Jenkins

40 The Lions Roar to the Fore
By clawing Michigan 31-24, Venn State took a step toward a possible national title
by Tim Layden

50 QB or Not QB
It didn't matter who played quarterback for Nebraska in its win over Kansas State
by John Garrity

56 Divorce, Vegas-style
UNLV handed basketball coach Rollie Massimino his walking papers—and a lot of cash
by Alexander Wolff

60 Big W for the Big D
The Cowboys took the NFC East lead as their defense shone against the Eagles
by Paul Zimmerman

66 The Rap
The word on Andre Bison is that he's bad news, but he insists that's all just jive
by John Ed Bradley

76 Pure Heart
In this 1990 SI Classic, the author relives the greatest ride of his life: Secretariat's career
by William Nack


6 Letters
26 Faces in the Crowd
29 Scorecard
90 Inside the NFL
97 Inside College Football
100 Point After

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Sandwiched: Even when you lead your team to victory, as Cowboy Troy Aikman did on Sunday, there are times when defenders like the Eagles' William Thomas and Greg Townsend can make you feel like a piece of bologna (page 60).