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18 KO'd
With a blockbuster right to the chin of Michael Moorer, George Foreman regained the title
by Richard Hoffer

26 A Leap of Faith
By defeating the Patriots the defense-oriented Browns continued to defy the skeptics
by Paul Zimmerman

30 Venus Rising
At 14, fledgling pro Venus Williams has it all—talent, charisma and a tennis dad
by Sally Jenkins

34 The Centurians
Massillon-McKinley wasn't just Ohio's game of the year; it was the game of the century
by Leigh Montville

46 Home, sweet Home
A team of idled NHL players went back to their native Russia and got a hero's welcome
by Michael Farber


53 40 Pictures to Remember
Our 40th anniversary celebration continues with a portfolio of work by photographers who have captured sporting moments that could last forever

144 Hot Shot
For more then three decades the images of Walter Iooss Jr. have defined sports photography
by Bruce Newman

156 High Cost of Glory
Former Raider Curt Marsh lost a foot to amputation probably because of a misdiagnosis
by Shelley Smith


6 Letters
8 Faces in the Crowd
13 Scorecard
164 Inside the NFL
173 Inside High School Football
178 Point After

Cover Photograph by John Iacono




The Safari Rally in Kenya was the subject of one of the most striking sports pictures of the past 40 years.